Who proposed to whom?

Dear Ron,

I wanted to ask you if you’ve liked Hermione since the very beginning. And, before you two got married, who proposed, you or her?

Please try to answer as quick as possible. I am SO desperate to know the answer.

Gorgeous Gryffindor

Dear Gorgeous,

(I mean, that’s your name, isn’t it? Sometimes answering these letters can get me in trouble…)

When I first met Hermione, I thought she was bossy and too smart for everyone, so no I didn’t much care for her. I didn’t hate her of course, but I didn’t want to be friends. After first year, though, I realised that we could be friends and from there you know the rest.

I’m sorry that I am keeping you waiting, so I am trying to answer your questions as quickly as possible. So for your question about who proposed: I did.

I hope that’s quick enough!