Dolores Umbridge’s Inspired Event Planning: Pinterest as a Tool

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The educational system is designed to prepare young minds and bodies for the workforce upon graduation from the Ministry-approved curriculum. While textbook materials are the fundamental key to success after Hogwarts, I have taken it upon myself to provide additional assistance to those wishing to think about their futures outside the classroom. To help with the transition to a desk in an office, I have organized a luncheon at which current Hogwarts students can mingle with representatives from branches of the Ministry, in which jobs can be found that the Minister and I have deemed appropriate for students to pursue. Ministry representatives in attendance will include Gregory Harbingle from the Ludicrous Patents Office, Martin Smilt of the Department of Toilet Regulations (students may find maintaining the toilet entrance of the Ministry very rewarding work since timely arrival of employees is imperative to a smoothly running government), and Cordelia Birchwright of the Public Knowledge and Censorship Bureau. For those interested in the event, I have outlined my planning process below.


Putting your best foot forward as a hostess requires a certain refined taste in all things, but particularly decorations.


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This lovely tutorial on how to create pom-poms out of tissue paper is not only useful for decorating the Great Hall for our luncheon but is also an excellent opportunity to use student labor in the crafting process. They would not be allowed to use magic, of course.



As for the menu for the evening, I have sent orders to the kitchens for an array of sophisticated and color-coordinated dishes. These culinary selections have all been approved by the Ministry and meet dietary expectations, being careful not to give students too much delicacy and causing them to expect unrealistic meals in their lives.


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Proclamation #1,046: Students caught lingering too long near the punch bowl will be sentenced to three weeks of disciplinary detention.



In the days leading up to the luncheon, you can follow the planning process on my personal (Ministry-approved) Pinterest. Below are some more of my boards that may be of interest.



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