Rupert Grint to Star in Comedy Series “Sick Note”

While these days it seems like you can barely turn a corner without seeing updates about Emma Watson or Daniel Radcliffe, news about the third member of the Harry Potter trio, Rupert Grint, is a little more scarce – which is why we’re excited to learn about one of Grint’s upcoming projects!

Earlier this week, Grint was spotted on the set of a television program called Sick Note. Unfortunately, little is known about the project besides its title, which doesn’t have so much as an IMDb page as of yet. Word of the new project began to spread after actress Camilla Beeput tweeted that she would soon be filming with Rupert Grint and comedian Nick Frost (Shaun of the Dead, Hot Fuzz). The tweet has since been deleted, so it seems that whatever the project is, it will be kept under wraps for a little while longer. Further inquiries revealed that Sick Note is a comedy series being produced for Sky Atlantic and will be directed by Matt Lipsey.

You can watch a short clip of Grint filming here, but you can’t tell much about the production from the footage. Whatever Sick Note ends up being about, we’ll be excited to tune in!

Jessica J.

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