Who Wore It Better: Horace Slughorn or Kylie Jenner?

Good day, magical world! I’m Gilderoy Lockhart, Witch Weekly’s resident fashion expert. Yesterday evening, I was perusing my fan mail, a hobby that often brings cheer to my life as well as to those lucky fans who receive personalized signed photos of me in return for their kind words of adoration. During this task, I encountered much praise for my “Who Wore It Better?” column and even discovered an avid reader had offered her own suggestion for a comparison. My adoring fan, Claire, serves as the inspiration behind this most exciting pairing on which I will offer my thoughts during this month’s publication.




On the left is Horace Slughorn, the retired Hogwarts professor who is known for rubbing elbows with his celebrity ex-students. Pictured on the right is Muggle model Kylie Jenner. Miss Jenner’s fame stems predominately from a contraption called “television,” which, I hear, adds ten pounds to people when they are squished inside the confines of the box. I think I would rather stick to photographs than risk such an unflattering portrayal.

Each of this month’s contestants are sporting pinstripes, along with a baby blue color pallet. While both seem to have discovered the importance of cinching in the waist, Jenner’s belt is pulling off the function much more easily than Slughorn’s. Both Mr. Slughorn and Miss Jenner have chosen to add ornamental accents to the hip regions of their garments, going for a bit more texture and visual interest alongside the classic, vertical stripes. A high neckline is also a commonality between these two looks, with Jenner eliminating any feeling of stuffiness by incorporating flattering amounts of skin elsewhere in the ensemble. As much as I feel television is an unflattering medium to have gained fame on, I must conclude that Miss Jenner is the clear winner of this month’s comparison. That being said, I feel as if out of the three of us, I would certainly be able to pull off these fashions, which are suspiciously reminiscent of the armchair in my sitting room, much better than either of our contestants. As always, thank you for reading, and stay radiant!



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