A Civil Sorting

With the new Captain America: Civil War movie out, we wanted to take a look into what makes a hero. We found that the Avengers provide a perfect example of the need for a diverse group of people to make the ideal crime-fighting team.

*This post contains spoilers and specifically relates to the Marvel Cinematic Universe since we are celebrating the release of Civil War.*


Steve Rogers

Even before his procedure, Steve was brave enough to stand up to those who bullied him and anyone who was in general disrespectful. He has a sound moral compass and is the first to answer the call to action. He is the perfect gentleman, courageous soldier, and a loyal friend. The Sorting Hat says… GRYFFINDOR!


Tony Stark

The Sorting Hat had a hard time with Tony Stark. While once a thrill-driven young playboy, Tony has turned his sights and talents toward the greater good. Rather than use his mind for creating weapons of mass destruction, he has focused his energy toward new technology to help others and make the world a better place. The Sorting Hat says… RAVENCLAW!


Bruce Banner

Bruce Banner is the foremost geneticist in the world. He is intelligent and fair, even to the extent that he recognizes the Hulk as a global threat rather than as an Avenger. He is curious and ambitious, which paired with his intellect creates the serum that altered his own personal being, as well as Ultron and the Vision. The Sorting Hat says… RAVENCLAW!



Admittedly, it is rather difficult to place a demi-god in any Hogwarts House, and the Sorting Hat was faced with another Hatstall. While Thor certainly possesses bravery and chivalry, he is also just and fair. He is loyal to his father, his people of Asgard, and also to the Avengers. With his reckless fighting days behind him and his main concern being the welfare of the universe, the Sorting Hat says… HUFFLEPUFF!


Clint Barton

Clint Barton is a loyal friend to Natasha Romanoff and loyal soldier to Steve Rogers. He befriended Natasha under the strange circumstance of her attempting to kill him and helped her turn her life around to become an Avenger herself. He is a gentle and level-headed man and fights to protect humanity against the craziest odds. The Sorting Hat says… HUFFLEPUFF!


Natasha Romanoff

Natasha is one of the most unique members of the Avengers because she started her career as a “bad guy.” She reformed her life but still has red in her ledger. She fights to attempt to undo the terrible acts she committed in her past. She is a cunning spy for SHIELD, and when she discovers that they are just as corrupt as her previous “employer,” she uses that same cunning and resourcefulness to bring the organization down. The Sorting Hat says… SLYTHERIN!


James Rhodes

James Rhodes is a soldier through and through. He is certainly brave, but he follows orders to a T. He is a loyal friend to Tony Stark and incredibly loyal to his country. He fights for his country above all else and never leaves Tony without an ally. The Sorting Hat says… HUFFLEPUFF!


Pietro Maximoff

Pietro is a constant-action type of guy. He is always ready for a fight and doesn’t back down. While his attitude can be quite standoffish and he has an underlying desire for revenge, he protects his sister above all things. Eventually, he puts aside his grudge against Tony Stark and decides to use his power to fight to protect the innocent alongside the Avengers. The Sorting Hat says… GRYFFINDOR!


Wanda Maximoff

Wanda does everything with the best intentions. She uses her power to protect humanity and is devastated when she accidentally causes destruction instead. She is overall a gentle person, and the Sorting Hat says… HUFFLEPUFF!


Nick Fury

The Director of SHIELD is one of the most intelligent, yet underrated, of the Avengers. Nick Fury found and utilized ways to continuously expand his intelligence. He is resourceful and cunning as a Slytherin, but his mind is made for complex problems and solutions, like a Ravenclaw. His ambition is the fuel that keeps the Avengers going even after SHIELD is gone. The Sorting Hat says… SLYTHERIN!


Sam Wilson

Like James Rhodes, Sam Wilson is a loyal soldier. He served his country admirably and came home to continue serving by helping other veterans in their daily struggles with post-traumatic stress. After meeting Steve Rogers, the pair quickly became friends, and Sam started to serve once again to help Steve protect the innocent from other dangers. The Sorting Hat says… HUFFLEPUFF!


Maria Hill

Maria Hill was trained by Nick Fury to be his right-hand agent. She is just as intelligent as Fury, and just as nonchalant about it. She has an incredible memory and is resourceful enough to continue Fury’s work with intelligence-gathering even after their resources were taken away. The Sorting Hat says… RAVENCLAW!



Vision was created out of JARVIS and the Mind Stone. He is not human, so he does not truly possess human emotions. Vision is intelligence incarnate and would be the brightest and most interesting student Hogwarts has ever seen! The Sorting Hat says… RAVENCLAW!


Peter Parker

Peter Parker is a young vigilante. He witnessed horrible things before he was endowed with his spider-like abilities and decided to use those powers to fight everyday crime. When Tony came to him and presented him with a bigger picture of how to protect the innocent, he jumped at the chance. The Sorting Hat says… GRYFFINDOR!


James Buchanan “Bucky” Barnes

Bucky Barnes was a very good soldier in WWII and best friend to Steve Rogers. After reuniting with Steve in 2014, he was able to reevaluate himself and ran from those who sought to control him. He is resourceful and clever and stays in hiding for many years after escaping Hydra, using intellect over a physical confrontation whenever possible. The Sorting Hat says… RAVENCLAW!



T’Challa is a good son to T’Chaka, the King of Wakanda. He is unfailingly loyal, and when his father is killed, he becomes thirsty for revenge. He is resourceful, cunning, and talented at fighting. The Sorting Hat says… SLYTHERIN!


Scott Lang

Once a thrill-seeking thief, Scott Lang is actually quite morally sound. He turned to thievery to take care of his family but eventually became hooked on the excitement burglary provided. When he was given the opportunity to become Ant-Man and eventually join the Avengers, he quickly accepted, seeking more adventure. The Sorting Hat says… GRYFFINDOR!


Do you agree with the Sorting Hat on these heroes? Whom would you have Sorted differently? Share in the comment section!