Present Shopping with the “Potter” Characters

Christmas time is a time for fun, cheer, and of course, presents. But while it’s a joy to open presents, present shopping is a little more stressful. So to help with all of your last-minute shopping, here is some advice from the Harry Potter characters.

Upon being asked what advice he would give for present shopping, Harry first made the assurance that it really is the thought that counts. “I was always touched by the presents I got at Christmas,” he said. “It was always nice knowing that all those people had taken the time to go get me something. Well, except for the Dursleys,” he added on as an afterthought. “But their presents didn’t have any sort of thought behind them, so they don’t count.” He then moved on to a more concrete suggestion: a photo album. “Some of my most treasured possessions are photo albums,” he explained. “I love having all these pictures of my family and friends, being able to look back and see all of the memories I have with them.”


Harry Potter Photo Album


Hermione’s recommendation was, naturally, books. “Of course you do want them to like the book, so it’s best to match it to their interests,” she said briskly. “Like how I buy Defense books for Harry.” When it was pointed out somewhat tentatively that not everyone was a big reader, and might not entirely appreciate getting a book for Christmas, she huffed a little but then replied,“Well, I suppose if they can’t appreciate a good book, it’s best to look at their hobbies. Do they play a sport? If so, get them some piece of equipment related to that. Birdwatching, get them binoculars. You get the idea.”

“Food,” Ron replied immediately. “Especially sweets, and even better, homemade sweets. Getting my mom’s fudge every Christmas is one of the best parts of it.” He did reassure me, though, that even if I didn’t have any talent with baking, store-bought sweets would still be appreciated. “I mean, who’s going to turn down a Chocolate Frog?” he said, grinning. Beyond food, Ron still recommended homemade gifts. “I know Harry always loved Mum’s sweaters, and they are warm, which is dead helpful in the winter. Although maybe just don’t make anything in maroon,” he added on hurriedly.


Weasley Sweater


When asked, Neville took a minute to think before answering. “Well, I’ve always liked getting plants for Christmas,” he replied thoughtfully. “So that’s always a nice option. Plants are pretty to look at, and they feel pretty festive. You can also get them something useful at the same time, depending on the plant!” He then went on to detail a long list of plants with useful properties that you could buy someone for Christmas. Once he’d finished with that, he offered one more piece of advice. “You should get them a really nice card,” he explained. “Something personalized. Taking the time to write out a card shows how much you care.”

“I think Dirigible Plums always make a good gift,” Luna replied airily, after being asked. “Either as a bush or earrings. Or you could get them a butterbeer cap necklace. There are always a lot of Nargles out and about during the holidays. It’s the mistletoe, you know.” When asked if she had any other gift recommendations, she added that she, personally, would love a Crumple-Horned Snorkack for Christmas.



Mikaela Renshaw

I picked up a Harry Potter book for the first time when I was six years old and promptly fell in love. However, it didn’t take long for my love of literature to go beyond just Harry Potter and I am now working towards my PhD in English. Outside literature, I love Irish-dancing, D and D, going to the beach, attending Comic-Con, and playing with my dog.