Can Tom Felton Tap Dance? Plus Other Highlights from Silicon Valley Comic Con!

This weekend, MuggleNet had the pleasure of attending a convention like no other – Silicon Valley Comic Con! This two-year-old event takes place in San Jose, California, right in the heart of the tech world. SVCC, which combines convention mainstays like celebrity guests and cosplay with technology and innovation (think robotics and NASA), is the brain-child of Apple co-founder Steve Wozniak, and offers a truly comprehensive fan experience.

Our main attraction over the weekend was none other than Tom Felton, who appeared with The Flash co-star Grant Gustin. The two were featured in a spotlight panel moderated by Dana Han-Klein on Sunday morning that drew hundreds of excited fans – many of them dressed in Hogwarts or Fantastic Beasts attire. Felton, a convention regular, shared that he had convinced Gustin to attend SVCC as his first-ever convention appearance, an overture the eager audience obviously appreciated.


Han-Klein, Felton, and Gustin


It was evident that the two co-stars are also great friends in real life, and the highlight of the panel was the pair’s revelation that they ship their characters from the show:

I genuinely thought it would be a lovely twist if, towards the end of the season, Barry and Julian ran off together.

Though the suggestion was a bit tongue-in-cheek from the stars, the audience was 100% on board, as evidenced by raucous approval. Alas, Gustin shared that the writers didn’t share Felton’s vision for the future of the characters. The rest of the panel was a fun mix of jokes (Felton getting down on one knee to ask Gustin, “Will you take me back for Season 4?”) and trivia (John Lennon is an artist Felton would like to collaborate with). And in reference to our headline – yes, Tom Felton can tap dance!

Well, sort of, anyway. Apparently, Gustin has been teaching him a few moves, which he gamely shared with the audience.

You can watch the full panel for yourself right here.

We only had a few hours to spend at SVCC this year, but even that short amount of time was enough to convince us that we’ll be back next year! Were any of you in attendance this weekend? What were your SVCC highlights?

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