Cast “Lumos” With Candlewick’s Magical Creatures Film Projections!

Available starting today, there is a different kind of Harry Potter book on the market: a flip book of scenes you can project onto the wall or ceiling. Trust us – the results are nothing short of magical!



J.K. Rowling’s Wizarding World: Magical Film Projections: Creatures comes with six scenes – Dobby, Buckbeak, Fawkes, Pickett, the Niffler, and the Swooping Evil – plus one blank screen on which you can draw your own favorite magical creature to display. Each acetate window is accompanied by a few lines from the film the scene is taken from, so you can read along with your projections.



That the book looks cool is a given, but how does it actually work? We tested it for you to find out!

Our first discovery is that you need to use the right kind of light for the book to work best. Any flashlight (or phone light) that uses more than one light beam will result in a less clear image.


An example of a multiple-beam light source.


The image that results from a multiple-beam light source.


Most iPhones have single-beam flashlights, so hopefully, most readers won’t have trouble finding one that works. Once you’ve chosen the right light source, the book works like a charm.




The advertising copy for this book suggests that it’s ideal for the bedtime story slot, and while I’d agree with that, we can also confirm that it is fun for adults to use alone in their apartments!

In an increasingly high-tech world, this simple, clever manipulation of light and shadows is a refreshing change of pace. Get yours here!

Jessica J.

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