Wizarding World Audiobooks Now Available Through Local Bookstores!

Great news for those of you who love to support your local bookstores – Harry Potter digital audiobooks can now be purchased locally! Libro.fm, a platform partnered with over 300 indie bookstores for the distribution of digital audiobooks, announced today that wizarding world audiobooks, including the Potter series and the Eddie Redmayne-narrated Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them, would now be available through their partners.

J.K. Rowling’s novels have been staples on independent bookstore shelves for almost 20 years, so the move is one booksellers appreciate. Beza Wondie of Washington, DC bookstore Politics and Prose, said this of the move:

As far as I’m concerned, Harry Potter is the great Epic of our time. It uses accessible language and sincere storytelling to meditate on deeply complex themes like Death and Love. What’s more, with its clear message of active resistance and social justice, it will remain relevant so long as the world remains imperfect.

Stephanie Ballien, Director of Marketing at libro.fm, also lauded the announcement:

Harry Potter titles have always held a special place within independent bookstores — on the shelves and in the hearts and minds of booksellers. Now in digital audio, current and future generations of [w]izarding [w]orld fans can discover and rediscover these stories through their beloved local bookstores.

Local bookstores are the place where thousands of us congregated for midnight releases to geek out over each new Harry Potter book, so it’s only fitting that they now have the chance to share in the sale of digital audiobooks. Libro.fm also offers 30% off retail price to members, so you may want to consider joining today. Find out more information about the wizarding world audiobooks here!

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