Hogwarts and Recreation – Part 1: Sorting “Parks and Rec” Characters

Here at MuggleNet, we often like to Sort some of our favorite characters from pop culture. This week, we brought the Sorting Hat to Pawnee, Indiana! Parks and Recreation has become one of the most beloved comedies on TV since its premiere in 2009. The show is known best for its iconic characters, from April Ludgate to Ron Swanson. Fans know Leslie Knope has an unbridled enthusiasm for Harry Potter, so we made her dreams come true and had these park pals try on the Sorting Hat to find out where they ought to be!


Leslie Knope: Gryffindor



Enemies of fairness and equality, hear her womanly roar! In Season 5, Leslie Knope reveals she’s a Gryffindor, and she is absolutely right. She devotes her soul to bettering her government and her town and boldly stands up to the Bobby Newports, Jeremy Jamms, and Marcia Langmans of the world. She somehow has the energy to do everything and more for everyone she cares about, and she cares about everyone. A “strange, passionate, goofball of a woman,” Leslie’s heart overflows with an intense enthusiasm that allows her to be a relentless force for change. She fits with Gryffindor beautifully.


Ben Wyatt: Ravenclaw



When Ben Wyatt is interested in something, he dives completely into it, from Game of Thrones and Twin Peaks to Cones of Dunshire and the Low-Cal Calzone Zone. He perfectly exemplifies the sharp wit and spirited creativity that Ravenclaws are known for. He is unabashedly nerdy and deeply passionate about everything he does, including budget analysis, claymation, governing, and Star Trek fan fiction. Even as he follows his passions into the unknown, he remains pragmatic and often serves as a voice of reason to his friends. As an intelligent, creative, and well-rounded man, Ben would find a comfortable home in Ravenclaw Tower.


Tom Haverford: Slytherin



Tom Haverford is a clever man with soaring ambitions, an over-inflated ego, and charm and swagger to spare. He networks like a spider and knows exactly which people to schmooze to get where he needs to go. He is never tripped up or set back by failure. Instead, he uses his failures as stepping stones to his next ventures. Most importantly, he never hesitates to protect his closest friends. Over the years, we see him evolve into a much more focused, persistent character until he finally reaches the lofty ambitions he had always had for himself. Tom is definitely a proud Slytherin.


Donna Meagle: Gryffindor



Donna Meagle devotes her life to the pursuit of “that flighty temptress, adventure.” Never make the mistake of trying to pin her down too fast; her passion can take her from Venezuela to the Amazon to Middle Korea in the blink of an eye. Described by April as “unpredictable, complex, and hard to read,” Donna lives with no regrets and is always her authentic, unapologetic self. It takes a lot to earn her trust and respect, but those who prove themselves are rewarded with her fierce love and loyalty. Her confidence and joie de vivre make her a true Gryffindor lioness.


April Ludgate: Slytherin



April Ludgate may not start out as overtly ambitious as Tom, but over time and with guidance from her many mentors, she finds her own ambitions and goes after them with zeal. April lives life on her own terms; she says exactly what she thinks, embraces her weird side, and chooses very carefully whom to let into her life but loves fiercely the people she chooses. She is extremely clever, unafraid to manipulate or intimidate, and always equipped with a razor-sharp wit, scorching comebacks, and an arsenal of imaginative threats. Though she seems rudderless and apathetic at first, throughout the series April grows into a true Slytherin.


Do you think I got it right? Or do you completely disagree? Let us know where you would place your favorite Parks and Rec characters!



And if you’ve noticed that I’ve left out quite a few of your favorites, as well as an entire Hogwarts House, that’s because I feel they deserve their own article altogether. So “Treat Yo’ Self!” to “Hogwarts and Recreation Part 2: The ‘Puffs of Pawnee,” coming out on June 30!


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