Guardians of the Wizarding World

Previously, we matched the Avengers to their corresponding Harry Potter heroes, but now that the Marvel Cinematic Universe is larger, I thought I’d compare the new heroes with their Potter characters.


Peter Quill/Starlord as Harry Potter




Both Peter and Harry were separated from their parents at an early age. They both had a fairly difficult upbringing, Peter as Yondu’s personal thief and Harry as the Dursleys’ punching bag. However, both overcame their difficulties and went on to save many people, Harry with the wizarding world and Peter with the galaxy.


Gamora as Hermione Granger




Hermione and Gamora are initially outsiders to the others. Hermione was a Muggle-born student who made a bad first impression, while Gamora was an orphan from an alien world. Despite this, they are both strong women who join the other characters to fight for what they believe in. Ultimately, they are both powerful, independent women who help save their universes.


Drax the Destroyer as Minerva McGonagall




Unfortunately, both these characters have a somewhat tragic backstory. Drax lost both his wife and daughter, and McGonagall lost her husband. Despite their sadness, they turned their grief into something positive by helping others.


Doctor Strange/Stephen Strange as Draco Malfoy




Malfoy and Strange both come off as arrogant and unlikable. Yet through a series of events, they redeem themselves. Strange was in a tragic accident that resulted in a loss of his surgical abilities, while Malfoy saw first-hand the consequences of Voldemort’s power. This knowledge led to them improving themselves.  Despite stumbles and pitfalls, they help defeat the villain.


Ant-Man/Scott Lang as Sirius Black




Sirius and Scott both served time behind bars. In addition, they both had children whom they cared for and wanted to play a larger part in their lives. Scott had a young daughter, and Sirius had Harry. They both wanted to help them however they could after they left prison. They fulfilled this by fighting valiantly to protect them.


Spider-Man/Peter Parker as Neville Longbottom




Neville got off to a bumpy start. He ended up causing more trouble than he wanted to. Likewise, Peter Parker had a few mishaps when he was trying to help. However, both managed to learn and grow from their mistakes and ended up saving the day.


What do you think of my crossover? Are there any other heroes you would add? Let us know in the comments!


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Minal Daswani

I entered the wizarding world in 2006, and haven’t left. In my Muggle time, I enjoy reading, bingeing TV shows, baking, and travellng.