Interactive Hogwarts Is Launched on Pottermore!

It’s September 1 today, and that has meant many exciting things for the fandom – of course, it’s 19 years later, and MuggleNet’s big event in Orlando takes place tonight – and Potter has been all over the news.  To celebrate, Pottermore has released a very special feature  – an interactive Hogwarts!

Here’s some more about what to expect from the new interactive experience.

Users will have the opportunity to explore the famous wizarding school and its grounds, including the Quidditch pitch where Harry mastered catching the Golden Snitch and the Forbidden Forest, complete with Hagrid’s hut. The castle and its grounds are peppered with ‘hotspots’ – clickable points that expand to provide details about the magic and mystery of the famous wizarding school that Harry Potter attended.



There are 100 hotspots altogether to discover and plenty to explore in this great new interactive feature, which is available to all registered users of Pottermore and can be used on most smartphones, tablets, and computers.



The interactive Hogwarts experience can be found here – good luck with finding all 100 locations! Let us know when you’ve found them all.

  • Well, it took a bit of doing — and LOADS of scrolling — but I’ve managed to collect the 100 hot spots.

    • KvitkaKozachuk

      I struggle with finding the last 5 hotspots.

      • Yeah, a few of them are quite hard to spot. I’d suggest going slowly and rotating the view all the way around every few steps, particularly around the Hogwarts towers, Quidditch pitch stands, and Hagrid’s cabin.

    • Margret Caruso

      What do you mean by scrolling? I can’t find the last 2. Any suggestions for the ones that were trickiest for you? I’m pretty sure I have all the Quidditch ones and am likely missing something from FF and Hogwarts, but I’ve been around the towers many, many times.

      • Hm… the last two I found were on the far side of Hagrid’s hut. They aren’t visible when just following the path, so I had to move a bit past the hut and then turn around.

        There was also one on the far side of one of the Hogwarts towers… I think it was Dumbledore’s study.

        One or two hotspots are “inside” a tower, similar to that one inside the stands of the Quidditch pitch.

        • Margret Caruso

          I think I have all those, but I’ll give it another go. Thanks!