Take a Closer Look Inside Jim Kay’s Illustrated “Prisoner of Azkaban”!

Earlier this week, we posted about some of our favorite moments from Harry Potter and the Prisoner of Azkaban to celebrate the release of Jim Kay’s new illustrated version. If you haven’t yet taken a look inside this gorgeous book, here’s your chance to see what you’re missing!

Of course, Prisoner of Azkaban introduces two of the most beloved of Hogwarts professors – Professor Trelawney and Professor Lupin.



And no illustrated version of Harry’s adventures would be complete without the Marauder’s Map and the Shrieking Shack!



Some fans will be pleased (and others not so much) that we get a lovely Snape portrait in this installment, as well as a rather luxurious Buckbeak.



Finally, check out Jim Kay’s rendering of one of the most memorable scenes in the entire Harry Potter series, let alone Prisoner of Azkaban itself.



If you want to be sure to see all of Jim Kay’s illustrations of notable Prisoner of Azkaban moments, be sure to pick up your copy today!

Jessica J.

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