How Much Is the Number Four, Privet Drive Filming Location Worth?

A new study done by Uown includes the filming location for number four, Privet Drive as one of its most famous homes! The study compares values of various famous properties and how much they would cost if located in different parts of England.

The location, whose actual address is 12 Picket Post Close, Bracknell, Berkshire, was used for two weeks of filming for Harry Potter and the Sorcerer’s Stone. A set was built at Leavesden Studios for the later films.



The house – at 1,000 square feet, including 3 bedrooms, 2.5 bathrooms, and a cupboard under the stairs – was valued at £475,000 (US$655,000), which is the price that the house was put up for sale for in 2016. If located in the affluent Kensington, the same house would cost a hefty £1.8 million (US$2.5 million); or if located in Burnley, which has the cheapest property price in England, it would cost just £78,000 (US$107,000).

Compare that to the house from Home Alone, which is 4,250 square feet, includes 5 bedrooms and 3.5 bathrooms, and is valued at £1.1 million (US$1.5 million).

The priciest and most famous property included was Buckingham Palace, valued at a whopping £911 million (UD$1.2 billion). It includes 52 main bedrooms, 188 staff bedrooms, and 78 bathrooms.

Compared to other famous homes, the number four, Privet Drive filming location seems practically affordable!

You can see the full study here.

Catherine Lai

I have been a fan of Harry since 2000, a fan of MuggleNet since 2005, and a MuggleNet team member since 2013. I believe in the power of stories to bring people together, and nothing does that quite like Harry Potter. I live in Toronto, Canada.