Top Weasley Siblings Moments

It’s National Siblings Day, a day dedicated to honoring the relationship between brothers and sisters. So to celebrate this, I’m going to look at the fantastic bond between all the Weasley siblings.





Bill (and Fleur) took in Ron both after he left Harry and Hermione and after Malfoy Manor. When Ron abandoned his friends, Bill gave him a safe place to stay and kept his shameful secret from the rest of their family. Then, after the terrible incidents at Malfoy Manor, Bill and Fleur took in Ron, Hermione, Harry, and everyone else. They let them all stay even though some of them weren’t the ideal houseguests. Not only that, but Bill also didn’t press the trio when they said they couldn’t say what happened.





Because of his job working with dragons in Romania, Charlie is the least prominent Weasley in the series. However, he was Bill’s best man when he got married so the two must have had great times together.





Percy’s actions in the later books are definitely questionable. His beliefs led to his rift with his family. We, as readers, may not understand why he would leave his family or write a letter to Ron to cut off Harry, but he genuinely believed he was doing the right thing. Fortunately, he soon came to his senses and returned to his family to help defeat Voldemort. After Fred’s death, he personally went after his murderer.





He was incredibly close to his twin. They supported each other through school and even opened a successful business together. Even though they teased their younger siblings, they loved and helped them when they really needed it, even giving Ron Twelve Fail-Safe Ways to Charm Witches to help him with his women problems.





Fred and George were inseparable. Growing up, they did everything together, so understandably, he was devastated by Fred’s death. To honor his beloved brother, he named his child after him.





Even though Ron felt like he was constantly outshone by his siblings, family is very important to him. When he was just 12 years old, he risked his life to save his sister from Slytherin’s monster. After Fred’s death, Ron was there for George when he needed him by helping him run his shop.





Being both the youngest sibling and the only sister, her older brothers were very protective of her. But that didn’t stop her from becoming a strong woman who stood up for her beliefs. One of those stances was her brother Bill’s vanity choices (his hairstyle and jewelry). She supported him by defending his appearance to their mother.


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