“SpeakBeasty” Episode 71: Pickett in Your Pocket

Hosts Amy, Aureo, and Lizzie continue the movie breakdown of Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them.



This time on SpeakBeasty:

→ It’s a time zone party with Amy, Aureo, and Lizzie!
→ “The Phoenix Register”: Listen to the bonus episode with Claire and Kat.
→ Movie Breakdown #5: 01:05:01 to 01:25:00
→ Let the Thestrals rest! (at a mid-Atlantic rest stop)
→ Parallels between the death room and methods of torture used on accused witches
→ We don’t recommend dropping babies out of windows.
→ LADY THINGS. Just say you have cramps.
→ Is Queenie the key to how Abernathy joins the dark side?
→ “Everyone’s shrieking, but we don’t really know why.”
→ Grindelwald knows how to get what he wants from people without having to use his wand.
→ What is it with these films and rooftops?
→ The Blind Pig = sensory overload
→ “Well, I can’t do anything, so I might as well take another shot.” – Jacob
→ Is Chastity obsessed with flyers?
→ We want to know more about the relationship between Credence and Modesty, please.
→ Mary Lou is dead – this feels like the end of Act III. Everything takes a very dramatic turn from here on out.

Podcast Question: Anyone going to NYCC? Let us know and come hang out with us.

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