Get Your Gilderoy Fangirl On with These Ridiculous Photo Shoot Outtakes

Who can forget Sir Kenneth Branagh’s turn as Gilderoy Lockhart in the film adaptation of Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets? He was well dressed, he was charming, he was bad at magic, and he was oh-so-vain. Now, Entertainment Weekly has released some outtakes from a Gilderoy-tastic photo shoot, showing Branagh hamming for the camera in author photos for some of Lockhart’s many books.

We’ve all got a little second-year Hermione in us – so go ahead, ask him to sign your permission slip to the Restricted Section.


“Travels with Trolls”, indeed


We’re not getting out of this alive, are we?


I can see my house from here!


Chamber of Secrets director Christopher Columbus also reminisced about the photo shoot, sharing with readers a bit about what was happening behind the scenes.

We shot all of these on a bluescreen stage, and Ken had no problem hamming it up and having a great time. [Kenneth Branagh] is one of the funniest people I’ve ever met—he has a great sense of humor, and he was up to it.


Lockhart’s best McGonagall impression


The fish gets bigger every time he tells it.


Do wizards even fly planes?


Behold my velvet curtains and despair!


No wonder Lockhart wanted to fill his office with these pictures of himself. After looking at them, we’re considering a little cubicle makeover ourselves.

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