Gringotts’ “Real” Worth and Wizarding Job Salaries Revealed

Have you ever wondered what Professor McGonagall earns in a month? Or perhaps you’ve been curious about how much you’d earn working at the Daily Prophet. Well, your questions are about to be answered.

Paymentsense has created a new interactive asset that ranks the wealthiest fictional companies on both the big and small screen. Specialists of card payments have analyzed several fictional companies’ business models, earnings, and “success.” They then took these estimations and looked at relevant real-life company equivalents to discover how much these fictional companies would generate yearly in revenue.

When looking at the world of Harry Potter, the biggest company that comes to mind is Gringotts Wizarding Bank. Paymentsense has revealed that if Gringotts were real, it would be worth about £2.23 billion (about US$2.85 billion), based on the annual earnings of the Royal Bank of Scotland. This means that Bill Weasley must be getting a very decent salary.

If you’ve been wondering whether it would be worth it to be a teacher at Hogwarts, rest assured – you’d be earning a salary of about £36,000 (about US$46,000). Working as a columnist for the Daily Prophet will earn you £72,000 (about US$92,000) while doing the exciting job of an Auror at the Ministry of Magic will earn you £39,000 (about US$50,000) a year. The Head Goblin at Gringotts earns £36,000 (about US$46,000), the same as a teacher at Hogwarts. The highest-earning job in the wizarding world is – you guessed it – the position of Minister of Magic, which will earn you £156,000 (about US$200,000).

Now that you know what the salaries are for all these different jobs in the wizarding world, which one would you love to do? Sound off in the comments!

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Fictional fortunes: Which brands from Film and TV would be the richest in real life?

An interactive tool from Paymentsense reveals which brands from popular films and TV shows would be worth the most if they existed in real life.

  • Study reveals Very Big Corp. of America of Monty Python and Clampett Oil of The Beverly Hillbillies would be the wealthiest companies. with an estimated revenue of £175.13 billion (based on Apple)
  • Marvel’s, Stark Industries ranks in fifth place with an estimated revenue of £38.99 billion making Tony Stark one of the richest CEO’s on our list.

This interactive asset (link here) from merchant service provider, Paymentsense reveals which brands from popular films and TV would be worth the most if they existed in real life.

It compares twenty-five fictional brands such as Stark Industries, Wonka Industries and Wayne Enterprises based on their revenue compared to real life equivalent companies. We compared real[-]life equivalent companies to these and ranked them by their annual overall revenue.

Data reveals Monty Python brand would beat Iron Man and Batman to the top spot

It’s no surprise that Marvel’s’, Stark Industries or DC Comic’s Wayne Enterprises would be worth billions of pounds in real life. However, it’s Monty Python’s Very Big Corp. of America that pits them to the post with an estimated revenue of over £175.13 billion.

When looking at the richest superhero Tony Stark beats by Bruce Wayne by almost £20 billion. However, he’s the only CEO to get a double listing in our ranking featuring at position nine and twenty[-]three with the Daily Planet. The newspaper Clark Kent worked at as a reported [sic] would have a revenue of just £22.15 million.

The top ten richest brands from Film and TV would be:

Fictional brand Film or TV Show Revenue Company revenue is based on
Very Big Corp, of America Monty Python: The Meaning of Life £175.13 billion Apple
Clampett Oil The Beverly Hillbillies £102.92 billion Chevron Oil
Globex The Simpsons £83.77 billion Google (Alphabet)
Walley World National Lampoon’s Vacation £42.02 billion Walt Disney & Co
Stark Industries Iron Man £38.99 billion Lockheed Martin
Nakatomi Trading Corp. Die Hard £33.08 billion Sumitomo Corp
Wonka Industries Willy Wonka and the Chocolate Factory £26.73 billion Mars
Soul Glo Coming to America £23.03 billion L’Oréal
Wayne Enterprises Batman Begins £18.32 billion SpaceX
Big Kahuna Burger Pulp Fiction £17.42 billion McDonald[']s

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