UPDATED: “Hogwarts Mystery” Lets Players Meet the Weird Sisters in New Side Quest

Most Harry Potter fans will recognize the Weird Sisters as the band who played at the Yule Ball during Harry’s fourth year at Hogwarts. Now, thanks to the most recent Harry Potter: Hogwarts Mystery update, players have the chance to meet and interact with the Weird Sisters in a new side quest.

Players have three days to finish the quest to receive an exclusive new outfit. The prizes along the way include coins and two sets of gems. As a bonus, if players complete the quest, they will unlock a Year 2 achievement and earn an additional five gems.

Also appearing in the game this week is a House Pride multiplayer event. This event awards coins and books for individual achievements. The House that comes in second place will receive 200 coins and the House that comes in first place will receive a new outfit.

The latest update also brought a new loading screen featuring Hagrid, two students, and several creatures, including the Bowtruckle and the Niffler, which are both well-known creatures from Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them.


The new update came with a brand-new loading screen featuring Hagrid, two students, and several creatures.


The game is now playable through Year 5, Chapter 8, which came with last week’s update.

Update (November 15): 

The new loading screen we described above has been explained! Now players can encounter Nifflers, Porlocks, and fairies in the grasslands, a new location particular to magical creatures.

Players will have to hide their valuables from the Nifflers, collect the Porlocks, and befriend the Fairies, who are helpful in potion-making. Check out the images below!



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