“Sorcerer’s Stone” References in “Fantastic Beasts: The Crimes of Grindelwald”

Fantastic Beasts: The Crimes of Grindelwald is finally here! The trailers have given us a few clues as to what action and adventures we are in store for, but if you rewatch the previews, you notice extra details. The Fantastic Beasts sequel has numerous references and Easter eggs to the original magical movie, Harry Potter and the Sorcerer’s Stone. The trailers that have been released have some hidden and not-so-hidden references of Potter nostalgia for fans to look out for. We’re looking at the top Sorcerer’s Stone trailer references that we’ve seen so far!




Dumbledore’s Deluminator

Who can forget that classic opening to Sorcerer’s Stone? The first time we meet Dumbledore is when he uses his Deluminator to capture the lights on a Muggle street. This iconic moment was also in the book, and now it’s a part of Fantastic Beasts too! In one of the trailers, we see someone using a Deluminator to create darkness in the street. We don’t know how the Deluminator will play into the next Fantastic Beasts movie, but it’s a recognizable object from the Harry Potter series and it was a surprise for all of us to see! Hopefully, we’ll find out how Dumbledore invented the curious item.




Mirror of Erised

Another magical object featured in the Crimes of Grindelwald previews is the mysterious Mirror of Erised. Jude Law, who plays young Dumbledore, can be seen staring into the mirror and Grindelwald’s reflection peers back at him. This is similar to the scene in Sorcerer’s Stone where Dumbledore discovers Harry gazing into the mirror. Harry asks Dumbledore what he sees in the mirror, and Dumbledore replies that it’s socks, instead of revealing what he actually sees in the mirror.



The Mirror of Erised only shows what a person desires above all, which has of course made the Fantastic Beasts trailer scene all the more intriguing. Does Dumbledore still love Grindelwald, or is there something else going on with the powerful mirror? This is one of those trailer moments that bring up more questions than answers!


Dumbledore’s Star Student

One of the most exciting moments in the Crimes of Grindelwald trailer is when Dumbledore and Newt share a brief conversation. Jude Law’s Dumbledore has been revealing nothing up to this point. Even though Dumbledore is a character we all know, this portrayal of his younger self has surprised fans at every turn. We’ve ended up meeting an entirely new Dumbledore! When Dumbledore and Newt talk in the trailers, however, Dumbledore appears to be acting predictably. His relationship with Newt seems akin to his relationship with Harry. Once again, he’s handpicking one of his students and sending him on a dangerous mission. He even states that he can’t face the villain, but that Newt must do it.



This is a direct parallel to what Dumbledore tells Harry, that one day he will face Voldemort and it must only be him. Even in Sorcerer’s Stone, Dumbledore sought Harry out and set a plan in place for Harry to face Voldemort at the end of the school year. From what we’ve seen in the Crimes of Grindelwald trailers, it seems that Dumbledore and Newt’s relationship will closely mirror his relationship with Harry in Sorcerer’s Stone. Dumbledore will start to guide Newt down a path that will end with Newt eventually meeting Grindelwald again. Maybe young Dumbledore is creating an elaborate plan too.


Nicolas Flamel

This obvious throwback can be seen at the end of one of the Crimes of Grindelwald trailers. When it seems that the trailer is at an end, a cameo is made by Nicolas Flamel, the alchemist who played a major role in Sorcerer’s Stone. Harry spent most of his first year at Hogwarts safeguarding the powerful stone from Voldemort. While we never meet Flamel face-to-face in the book or movie, Dumbledore and Harry do have a conversation about the alchemist that reveals a lot about the man. This conversation left fans wanting more, and we’re finally going to meet Flamel!




While we don’t know how Flamel fits into the plot of Crimes of Grindelwald, it seems that Newt takes Jacob to meet him. So we will have at least one scene with the famous alchemist! Maybe Dumbledore and Flamel’s friendship somehow ties into the storyline? If anything, a scene with the both of them would be amazing!




What other Easter eggs did you discover in the Crimes of Grindelwald trailers? Are you excited for the next Fantastic Beasts installment? Share your thoughts down in the comments!

Monet Polny

"Harry Potter" has been my ultimate inspiration as a writer. Everything from the characters to the plot dynamics has impacted my writing style and aided me in making the decision to major in creative writing. I wanted to become Newt Scamander's protegee and work with magical creatures, but becoming a writer is the next best career choice.