I Have a Little Horcrux

to the tune of “I Have a Little Dreidel” by Samuel E. Goldfarb and Samuel S. Grossman

I have a little Horcrux.
It holds part of my soul,
And now I’m split in seven.
I’ve reached my lifelong goal.

Oh Horcrux, Horcrux, Horcrux,
A locket, cup, and snake.
A special sword could break them,
But you’ve just got a fake.

I’ve killed a lot of people
To rip myself apart,
But what’s a soul to someone
Who hasn’t got a heart?

Oh Horcrux, Horcrux, Horcrux,
You all keep me alive.
And since he’ll never find them,
That Potter won’t survive.

Sometimes I stop and wonder
If what I’ve done is right.
Then I decide I don’t care
And hold Nagini tight.

Oh Horcrux, Horcrux, Horcrux,
From diary to ring.
I’ll never feel remorseful
So I’ll just laugh and sing.

Oh Horcrux, Horcrux, Horcrux,
I’m very satisfied
That I’ve got all these treasures
So I can never die.

Submitted by: Laurie