USAopoly Announces Upcoming Release of Three New “Harry Potter”-Themed Games

You’ll soon be able to test your wizarding world vocabulary and engage in a wizard’s duel through new games announced Thursday by USAopoly!

The company says it will release three new Harry Potter-inspired games this year, including Scrabble: World of Harry Potter, Harry Potter Defence Against the Dark Arts, and a third, unnamed cooperative game.



Have your friends ever made fun of you for busting Locomotor Wibbly out in casual conversation or for your encyclopedic knowledge of wizarding world locales? They’ll be sorry now, since Scrabble: World of Harry Potter allows you to play Harry Potter character names, places, spells, and potions in addition to traditional words. You can also rack up extra points by completing directives from special Harry Potter cards.

The game will retail for $29.95 MSRP at Barnes & Noble and local game stores in the US and Canada and is scheduled for a spring release.

Harry Potter Defence Against the Dark Arts, meanwhile, was inspired by the popular Harry Potter Hogwarts Battle. It’s a competitive two-player deck-building game that gives you the chance to square off one-on-one with your opponent. Learn offensive and defensive spells to protect yourself and stun your dueling partner in a fast-paced fight to the finish.



Defence Against the Dark Arts will appear in stores this summer, while the unnamed third game will be revealed later this year.

The trio of games will take its place among USAopoly’s other wizarding world-themed titles: Harry Potter: Hogwarts Battle, Codenames: Harry Potter, Clue: Harry Potter, Trivial Pursuit: World of Harry Potter, Munchkin Harry Potter, and Fantastic Beasts Perilous Pursuit.

Which Harry Potter game is your favorite? What do you think the mystery game might be? Let us know in the comments!

Brienne Green

I'm a passionate journalist, feeding my wizarding world obsession on MuggleNet by night, forever trying to find ways to work "Potter" references into high school sports stories by day. When not writing, I can be often be found making quiche at 2 a.m., playing Queen tunes on the piano, or talking (and talking and talking) about Sirius Black.