Introducing “Accio Politics”: A Podcast Examining the Politics of the Wizarding World

The Harry Potter series is full of political topics and has raised a whole generation on how important political awareness can be. In fact, J.K. Rowling has admitted that she used both Albus Dumbledore and Hermione Granger many times to speak directly to the reader when she wanted to highlight important topics and draw attention to political themes. Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix is undoubtedly the book in the series that draws the most attention to politics in general, but political topics are laced in every chapter of the series.



That’s why we are happy to announce that we are adding an exciting podcast to our family of Harry Potter-based podcasts. Other MuggleNet podcasts include Alohomora!; Beyond the Veil; MuggleCast; Reading, Writing, Rowling; and SpeakBeasty. Since July 31, 2017, Accio Politics has discussed a wide range of topics while going through the series chapter by chapter. The podcast is currently in the middle of discussing Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire and has covered topics like labor, terrorism, fandom, fear, and prejudice, just to name a few.

Join Adri, host and recovering English major, with special guests as they deconstruct the politics of each chapter. Each episode is filled with questions about power, truth, and connections of each politic to our daily lives and experiences. Adri and her guests talk about the characters who exhibit these politics the most in each chapter, examine a quote that stands out to them, and talk about how these politics make them reflect on their experiences outside of the series. Accio Politics is released every Thursday.

Want to be a guest on Accio Politics? Please visit our page here. You can also email us at or support the show on Patreon.

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Aurelia Lieb

Aureo is the Standards & Procedures Coordinator and SEO Expert for MuggleNet and a podcast host for Alohomora. Occasionally writing magical articles, but mostly geeking out over new tech, fanfiction, and politics. If I am not glued to a computer, I will most likely be playing basketball or exploring the big, beautiful world.

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