UPDATED: “Wizards Unite” Issues Welcome Email, New Video

UPDATE (May 14):

While there is still no official release date for Harry Potter: Wizards Unite, an email issued this week to those who have preregistered for the game seems to indicate its launch can’t be too far off.

Niantic distributed the email from “The Statute of Secrecy Task Force,” which introduces future players to the overall theme of the game, calling for “as many volunteers as possible” to enlist and help save the wizarding world from exposure.

In addition, a new video – “Calling All Wizards” – was released today via the Wizards Unite YouTube account, and you’ll definitely want to check it out. The video shows footage of magical items and Dark witches and wizards appearing in the everyday Muggle world. It’s extremely well done and certainly doesn’t make the waiting game any easier!

Owners of Samsung devices can now join everyone else outside of New Zealand and Australia in biding their time until the launch of Harry Potter: Wizards Unite by preregistering for the game.

Niantic announced last week that, through its recently announced partnership with Samsung, it would be making Pokémon GO, Wizards Unite, and Ingress Prime available in the Galaxy Store, the app store that services Samsung-manufactured devices.

After our collaboration with Samsung at MWC19 on the first ever deployment of multiplayer-AR technology over edge computing, this marks the second step in a broader partnership to create a seamless AR experience leveraging Niantic’s Real World Platform and Samsung’s devices’ smart sensors to bring augmented reality closer to the real world.

Pokémon GO is available for download now. Ingress Prime will be added soon, and Wizards Unite will be available once it’s officially released. Samsung players who preregister for the game will receive a push notification reminder to install when it’s been launched.

While the rest of the world not-so-patiently waits, gamers in New Zealand have been enjoying fending off Dark witches and wizards, zipping around through Portkeys, and keeping the wizarding world safely hidden from Muggle eyes since a beta version of the game was made available to them in mid-April. Australia joined in the fun earlier this month.

You can check out our first impressions of the game here, and if you’re lucky enough to already be playing, give us your own in the comments!

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