Dougal the Demiguise Has an INTJ Personality

Dougal the Demiguise may have only shared a few scenes with Newt Scamander in Fantastic Beasts: The Crimes of Grindelwald, but he stands out as one of the more mysterious and lovable fan favorites. From his adorable name to his beautiful silky fur, Dougal is the creature we all want to learn more about. We’ve already figured out that Pickett the Bowtruckle has an INFP personality, according to the Myers-Briggs personality test. For Dougal, we looked at the same test. According to all the traits, Dougal would be an INTJ, which means that he has the Architect personality.



The Architect personality is made up of introverts who use intuitive thinking to make their judgments. One of the main traits that Architects are famous for is thinking ten steps ahead. This certainly fits with the personality of a Demiguise. Demiguises are incredibly intuitive as they are able to predict versions of future events. Dougal is always thinking ahead, and when Newt and his friends sneak up on him, he goes into a trance to predict the future. Two other characteristics that match with Dougal are the Architect’s curiosity and private nature. Dougal is certainly curious when he visits Macy’s department store. He explores the store like it’s all a big game to him. As for privacy, Dougal is likely Newt’s most quiet creature. We never heard Dougal make a sound in his interactions with Newt, and Dougal prefers to be left alone.



Architects are one of the more brilliant personality types, and Dougal is easily one of Newt’s more clever creatures. Part of Dougal’s ability in eluding capture has to do with being invisible, but it’s also his intelligence. For a creature that spends most of his time alone, he acutely understands wizards. When Newt comes to fetch Dougal at Macy’s, Dougal isn’t surprised to see Newt. It’s as if he expected Newt to come get him eventually. This intelligent behavior can be mistaken for a Demiguise being tame. Even though Dougal doesn’t appear alarmed, he still has a mind of his own. This has to do with Architects being emotionally reserved and having a calculated personality. Dougal doesn’t lash out at Newt; instead, he chooses to think of a plan to escape from Newt.



Given that the Architect personality is associated with evil, emotionless people, I like the idea of Dougal having this personality type. Dougal is a perfect example of a being who is quiet and serious but is still lovely. It’s easy to think that an invisible creature with supreme genius could be a threat, but all Demiguises are peaceful. While Dougal values his freedom, he never threatens or attempts to hurt Newt and his friends. This was what interested me in writing about Dougal in the first place. Dougal isn’t a violent creature; instead, he appears kind. Newt remarks with surprise on how Dougal cares for another creature, an Occamy. Maybe Dougal was feeling lonely and befriended the Occamy.



Those with the Architect personality type value friends who are their equals in intelligence and intuitiveness. Maybe this is why Dougal gets along with Newt and his friends. At first, Dougal tries to escape from Newt at Macy’s. Eventually, Dougal comes around and even sticks close to Jacob. One moment where this is evident is when the audience sees Dougal hugging Jacob’s shoulders. Later, once Dougal is returned to Newt’s case, he appears content and calm. Another moment is when we see Dougal holding Jacob’s hand and walking with him.



What Architects need are friends who are like them, and Newt is certainly a shy, perceptive man who could get along with a Demiguise. Newt, Jacob, Queenie, and Tina are all smart and kind-hearted people, just the sort of people Dougal wants to be friends with. This is especially evident with Newt and Jacob. Newt is one of the few wizards who can predict what Dougal is planning. Jacob is a happy-go-lucky man who is trustworthy and gentle, which is probably why Dougal sticks close to him. One of the weaknesses of this personality type is their tendency to overanalyze, something that Dougal definitely does. However, Newt is a great friend for Dougal to have because Newt values Dougal’s analytical nature.



Do you agree with this assessment of Dougal? What other magical creatures have Myers-Briggs personalities? Let us know in the comments below!

Monet Polny

"Harry Potter" has been my ultimate inspiration as a writer. Everything from the characters to the plot dynamics has impacted my writing style and aided me in making the decision to major in creative writing. I wanted to become Newt Scamander's protegee and work with magical creatures, but becoming a writer is the next best career choice.