Review and Giveaway: Win a “HOGWARTS TRAIN STATION™” with a Free “HERMIONE GRANGER™” from The Bradford Exchange!

What Harry Potter fan hasn’t imagined what it would have been like to pull into Hogsmeade Station as an 11-year-old aboard the Hogwarts Express? Just imagine how your excitement and nervousness would have risen with the steam surrounding the train as it eased to a halt and you stepped onto the platform for the very first time.

Around three months later, you’d be back, ready to board the train home for the Christmas holidays and eager to tell your family all about your magical experiences. The station you’d likely see in December is the one depicted in The Bradford Exchange’s “HOGWARTS TRAIN STATION™” with a free “HERMIONE GRANGER™” figurine, and it’s easy to imagine waiting with your friends on one of the snow-dusted benches, eager to storm the Honeydukes trolley and warm your hands on a steaming mug of hot chocolate or butterbeer!

The “HOGWARTS TRAIN STATION™” looks cozy under its blanket of snow, which covers its roof and gathers on its three chimneys, benches, and lampposts. The chimneys come detached for you to place yourself. Visible near the door on the front of the station is a North Eastern Railway clock.


The Bradford Exchange’s “HOGWARTS TRAIN STATION™” with a free “HERMIONE GRANGER™” figurine transports you to a wintry day in Hogsmeade.


The “HERMIONE GRANGER™” figurine, meanwhile, depicts the character dressed in her full Hogwarts uniform, including a crisp white shirt, a tie and a vest in Gryffindor colors, a skirt, and Gryffindor robes. Hermione just wouldn’t be Hermione without a book, of course, and she’s got a green volume tucked in one hand while the other holds her wand. She looks ready to fix any and all broken glasses, cuts, scrapes, or backfired spells from which Harry and Ron might be suffering.

You’ll want to make sure you’re armed with an eyeglasses screwdriver or similar teeny-tiny device in order to remove the screw from the battery compartment, and make sure you have AAA batteries on hand! I always assume everything takes AA and thus had to borrow the batteries from my television remote for the occasion. It was worth temporarily being unable to change the channel off an infomercial, however, to see the golden glow spilling from the station’s windows and through the baubles on the snowy pine nestled against the station’s left side.


The Bradford Exchange’s “HOGWARTS TRAIN STATION™” with a free “HERMIONE GRANGER™” figurine sparkles in the glow of the light spilling from its windows.


The Bradford Exchange’s “HOGWARTS TRAIN STATION™” with a free “HERMIONE GRANGER™” figurine allows light to emanate from its windows and through the baubles on the snowy pine alongside it.


The light feature adds sparkle to the snow and an extra element of magic to the scene, calling up thoughts of a serene stroll through Hogsmeade on a winter’s night – or pelting your friends with snowballs. You can view more photos of the “HOGWARTS TRAIN STATION™” below. As the owner of several other pieces by The Bradford Exchange, I’ve never been disappointed with the quality, and this station already has a place of honor on my hearth (as you can see in the background of the photos above, I have a Harry Potter Christmas tree, and yes, it stays up year-round).



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