Hermione’s Top Nine Bibliophilic Moments

In honor of Book Lovers Day, here are nine instances where Hermione used her book knowledge to save the day.


Nicolas Flamel



Although Hagrid gave the trio the first clue, it was Hermione who took it and ran with it. It was her light reading that revealed both who Nicolas Flamel was and the identity of the object that Fluffy was guarding.

‘Nicolas Flamel,’ she whispered dramatically, ‘is the only known maker of the Sorcerer’s Stone!’” (SS 219)


Devil’s Snare



Hermione’s book knowledge helped the trio loads in the first book. She helped them beat Professor Sprout’s task with the Devil’s Snare so they could move on and retrieve the Stone.

[Hermione] whipped out her wand, waved it, muttered something, and sent a jet of the same bluebell flames she had used on Snape at the plant. In a matter of seconds, the two boys felt it loosening its grip as it cringed away from the light and warmth.” (SS 278)


Snape’s Task



Not only was she the main person to solve Sprout’s task, but she was also the only one of the trio who could beat Snape’s riddle. Knowledge and common sense helped her work out his logic puzzle.

Hermione read the paper several times. Then she walked up and down the line of bottles, muttering to herself and pointing at them. At last, she clapped her hands.” (SS 286)


Polyjuice Potion



When Slytherin’s heir and his monster were terrorizing the school, Hermione successfully brewed this intricate potion to find out who the culprit was.

‘This is the most complicated potion I’ve ever seen,’ said Hermione as they scanned the recipe.” (CoS 165)


Uncovering the Basilisk



Hermione’s answer to her problems is to run to the Hogwarts library. This solution did not fail her when it came to figuring out the monster that was Petrifying everything, and she successfully discovered what it was.

And beneath this, a single word had been written, in a hand Harry recognized as Hermione’s. Pipes.” (CoS 290)





Whenever Harry or Ron needed magical help, they turned to Hermione. Despite a long struggle, she successfully taught Harry how to use a Summoning Charm, which helped him get past the dragon in the Triwizard Tournament and retrieve the golden egg.

Hermione, I need to learn how to do a Summoning Charm properly by tomorrow afternoon.” (GoF 345)


Magic Galleons



Once again, Hermione’s advanced magical knowledge came in handy when she came up with the perfect way to hide Dumbledore’s Army’s illicit activities. Without her, they never would have had such a secret way to communicate.

‘You can do a Protean Charm?’ said Terry Boot.
‘Yes,’ said Hermione.
‘But that’s… that’s N.E.W.T. standard, that is,’ he said weakly.” (OotP 398)


Jinxed Sign-Up Sheet



Hermione values trust and loyalty, so to prove the loyalty of Dumbledore’s Army, she jinxed the sign-up sheet to punish anyone who betrayed them.

‘Haven’t we got a counterjinx for this?’ Fudge asked Umbridge impatiently, gesturing at Marietta’s face. ‘So she can speak freely?’
‘I have not yet managed to find one,’ Umbridge admitted grudgingly, and Harry felt a surge of pride in Hermione’s jinxing ability.” (OotP 613)


Destroying the Horcruxes



Seeing a potential problem in their Horcrux-hunting mission, Hermione got ahead of it and turned to her beloved source of information to figure out the best method to destroy the Horcruxes and defeat Voldemort.

‘And once we get hold of it, how do you destroy a Horcrux?’ asked Ron.
‘Well,’ said Hermione, ‘I’ve been researching that.’” (DH 101)


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Minal Daswani

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