Review and Giveaway: Win $1,000 in Fine Art “Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets” Prints from Classic Stills!

Don’t you wish you could freeze a Harry Potter film and have your favorite scene captured forever? Our friends at Classic Stills provide official and exclusive fine art prints from notable movies and shows that can spruce up any space! They are showcasing their selection from Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets, and our Senior Journalist & Marketing Assistant, Jessica Jordan, is able to tell us all about one of the iconic scenes depicted in her framed print.

One of the nice things about Classic Stills products is that they all come mounted and framed, meaning that your print is ready to go straight on the wall once it arrives. My 16″x20″ print came securely packaged to make sure that nothing was damaged during shipping – so you can be confident your investment will arrive safely in one piece. Even framed, I was pleasantly surprised at how lightweight the finished product is, making it easy to move and hang. The overall effect is high quality; the lightweight glass and frame in no way look or feel cheap. (Technically the print is advertised as having a “UV-protective screen” rather than glass – this likely accounts for its slightness.) Accompanying your order will also be a certificate of authenticity, listing the medium, date printed, and other relevant information about your print.


Close-up of framed “Chamber of Secrets” print from Classic Stills


Because the first two Harry Potter films were released almost 20 years ago, it can be difficult to find clear images from the films, especially if you want a large-scale version to display on your wall. That’s where Classic Stills comes in, offering 22 different images in their Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets collection. I appreciated that there were a few options focusing on the sets of the film, rather than particular scenes or actors, as the set design and costumes have always been my favorite part of the Harry Potter movies. I love that my print, “The Chamber of Secrets,” is a subtle nod to the films, highlighting one of the film’s most iconic sets while remaining abstract enough to blend into the existing decor of my home.

The image is sharp and clear – although I think the image is not quite as clear as it appears on the Classic Stills website, which may have contributed to my print initially arriving matted and framed upside down. I don’t think this is something most customers have to worry about since the image I chose was particularly dark and featured a reflection as its central subject. Though I was surprised that a company selling high-end products would make an error like this, they were responsive and shipped a replacement print to me very quickly. The only inconvenience was trying to carefully pack up the misframed print.


Framed print of “The Chamber of Secrets”


Even so, what matters is that once I got the print onto my wall, it looked amazing. Priced between $149 and $295, a print from Classic Stills is a sizable investment but could be worth it for some fans who have been searching for high-quality versions of these particular images or scouring the internet to find the perfect print to complete their Harry Potter display nook. Only you can decide if the high price point is worth it for you, but I can say that you will receive a top-notch product should you decide to purchase a print from Classic Stills. Check out a sampling of the options to choose from.



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A  framed print of “The Chamber of Secrets” was provided by Classic Stills. All opinions belong to the reviewer.

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