Sorting “Legacies” Characters into Hogwarts Houses

Ilvermorny isn’t the only magical school in America. Over on the CW, witches, vampires, and werewolves attend the Salvatore School for the Young and Gifted. The student body includes a self-proclaimed “super squad” that regularly duels dangerous creatures like dragons, giant spiders, and the undead. The show is Legacies, the charming spin-off of a spin-off of The Vampire Diaries.



Legacies is Buffy the Vampire Slayer meets Hogwarts with the “young love” themes of some of the later Harry Potter films. The Salvatore School invented their own version of Quidditch, accepts orphan boys who tend to attract trouble, and enrolled a certain ex-girlfriend known as “She Who Must Not Be Named.” With all the teen drama, it’s a good thing Rita Skeeter isn’t sneaking around with her poisonous quill.

The second season of Legacies premieres this Thursday, October 10, and I’m eager to see how season one’s cliffhangers will be resolved. Until then, let’s Sort seven characters into the four Houses of Hogwarts.


Hope Mikaelson: Gryffindor



Being part witch, vampire, and werewolf, Hope is the one-of-a-kind “tribrid” from the oldest living family in the Legacies universe. Being partially raised by her elegant Aunt Rebekah, she understands the code of chivalry and can even be a bit arrogant. Like Harry Potter, she is fiercely brave, reckless, and willing to do battle alone and risk her life for the ones she loves. Luckily, the first season of Legacies saw this loner Gryffindor bonding with Slytherins, Ravenclaws, and Hufflepuffs alike.


Lizzie Saltzman: Slytherin



One of the Salvatore School’s resident Gemini twins, Lizzie inherited her thirst for greatness and perfection from her surrogate mother. She’ll do anything to win, whether it’s football against mortals, a supernatural talent show, or an election for the honor council’s representative witch. Unfortunately, she often unintentionally steps on her sister in the process. Lizzie struggled against her ambition and inner demons last season, and I expect we’ll continue to peel back the layers of this misunderstood Slytherin.


Josie Saltzman: Hufflepuff



What’s more loyal than a twin who would throw away a crown to make her sister happy? Hufflepuff is the most accepting house, and Josie tries to see the good in others; she was the only one to trust her zombified biological mother. She also believes in fair play, refusing to use magic in the game against humans. She’s unafraid of toil, often lashing out to protect her own. Even badgers need their day in the sun, so I’d love to see Josie step into the spotlight more often this season.


Landon Kirby: Hufflepuff



Everyone’s favorite “thrift-store Hobbit” was the biggest mystery of season one. Landon is big on trust and loyalty, particularly with his foster brother. He also values fair play, hoping to be treated the same as everyone else at the Salvatore School despite being different. He’s kind, humble, and surely underestimated by the seemingly more impressive members of the super squad. While this Hufflepuff discovered last season that he’s literally a phoenix, we have yet to learn if his tears have healing powers.


Rafael Waithe: Gryffindor



Raf may still be learning the finer points of the code of chivalry, but he had the courage to challenge the werewolf alpha even as a newcomer to the pack. He takes charge, keeps his promises, and doesn’t back down from a fight unless honor bids him to do so. Still, like Lizzie, Raf wages war against his inner demons, having suffered much trauma in his past and in the foster care system. He still has a way to go with controlling his emotions, particularly his anger. Season two will start with Raf in big trouble, and he needs his fellow Gryffindor’s help.


Milton “MG” Greasley: Ravenclaw



Despite being a dangerous Ripper vampire, MG is the purest cinnamon roll on Legacies. He has a bit of every House in him, but he fits best in Ravenclaw. He’s a mix of Luna Lovegood and Hermione Granger – a walking encyclopedia of comic book and science fiction lore that no one else understands. MG wants everyone to be the very best they can be, including himself. He’s a staunch feminist who upholds the values taught to him by his parents. Like his mom, he has made mistakes, but he’s still learning every day. I sincerely hope we hear more of his intriguing essays dissecting figures like Dracula.


Kaleb: Slytherin



Like other members of his House, Kaleb is ambitious, cunning, and a little bit wicked. He’s competitive, stealing the vampire spot on the honor council and playing to win against the disadvantaged human team. He’s also obsessed with the blood the school feeds him being “pure,” rejecting the bunny diet in favor of human blood straight from the vein. Still, he looks out for his chosen family, taking MG under his wing. I’m definitely in Kaleb’s fan club, hoping to see him get more screen time (and a last name) in season two.


The Legacies super squad returns to the CW this Thursday for a new batch of monster-fighting adventures. Do you agree with our Sorting? Let us know in the comments.


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