We’re All Stronger United: New “Wizards Unite” Brilliant Event Underway

October was an action-packed month for players of Harry Potter: Wizards Unite, but you’ll be happy to know that things aren’t slowing down! A new Brilliant Event is now underway, Community Day is coming up, and another special event will take us into December, so grab your wands and get ready to lay the smack down on the Calamity!


This graphic details the Ministry of Magic employees you'll be seeking during the Stronger United Brilliant Event.


As you can see above, the focus for Part 1 of the Stronger United Brilliant Event, which is live as of this afternoon and ongoing through November 19, will be on some of the Ministry of Magic’s most famous faces. In addition to working your way through the event-specific Registry Pages, Foundables, and Special Assignments, get ready to meet purple-sparkly Mad-Eye Moody and Nymphadora Tonks! Brilliant Foundables for the first week of the event will include Brilliant Mad-Eye Moody and Brilliant Tonks in wild encounters, Brilliant Amelia Bones and Brilliant Rufus Scrimgeour in Event Tasks, Brilliant Kingsley Shacklebolt through Brilliant Portkey Portmanteaus, and Brilliant Gethsemane Prickle when using Brilliant Runestones in Wizarding Challenges.

Don’t forget to pick up your free bundle in the Diagon Alley Store, and Dark Detectors will also be more effective during the event, enticing more high-threat-level Traces your way.

You can nab not only up to 14 Restricted Section Books, four Spell Books, and 50 pieces of gold during Part 1 but also Department of Mysteries Prophecy Orb and Ministry Bay Windows/Columns Portrait Frames, Ministry of Magic Elevator Control and Flurry of Ministry Memos Animated Portrait Stickers, and a Wizengamot Hat Portrait Lens for your Ministry ID photo. Also, try not to leave completing your event tasks until the last minute; the Stronger United Brilliant Event includes a bonus assignment that will add extra rewards to your haul!

In the midst of the first week of this Brilliant Event, November’s Community Day will arrive, and you can peruse what’s on offer below. Community Day will run 11 a.m.–2 p.m. in your local time zone on Sunday, November 17.

  • Players will receive Wizarding and Challenge XP bonuses when participating in Wizarding Challenges, and extra bonuses will be awarded for playing with friends.
  • Ingredients used to brew Healing Potions will appear more frequently on the map.
  • Healing Potions will brew more quickly, have increased Master Notes effectiveness, and offer more stamina when consumed.
  • A free bundle will be available in the Diagon Alley Shop, featuring spell energy and runestones.
  • Partner Fortresses will grant increased Wizarding and Challenge XP bonuses and bonus spell energy when completing a Chamber.

November 19–26 will bring about Part 2 of the Stronger United Brilliant Event, with Foundables to include Arthur and Percy Weasley, and a Legends of Hogwarts Event is slated to run November 26–December 2. We’ll let you know more about those happenings in our next game update.

Players should lastly note that Wizards Unite is now updating to Version 2.6.0, and one aspect of that is cause for much rejoicing!

Finally, mercifully, you won’t have to lose the precious potions you so carefully (and time-consumingly) brewed after just one wave of your wand. Pertinent potions will now stretch across Encounters, and we are doing a major happy jig right now about that. Here’s a complete list of 2.6.0 updates.

  • Potions: Potions that are effective for more than one spellcast will now remain in effect across Encounters until all spellcasts are utilized. For example, if your Strong Exstimulo Potion does the trick on the first cast, its remaining three uses will carry over into your next Encounter. The same goes for Fortress enemies.
  • Ministry ID Portrait: Players will now default to their current portrait rather than the camera feed when editing portraits so that they do not have to take a new picture to view stickers, frames, filters, and lenses.
  • Photo Mode: The Pixie Oddity Encounter will now have Photo Mode available.
  • Alert System: Players will now see pop-ups on their screen when they have completed a Daily Task, Achievement, or Quest.

Be sure to check back with MuggleNet next week for more information about Part 2 of the Brilliant Event and the Legends of Hogwarts Event. Let us know in the comments what you like about the game and what you’d like to see in the future!

Press Release


San Francisco, Calif. – November 6, 2019 - This November, stand united with your favourite wizarding world characters in WB Games and Niantic Inc.’s Harry Potter: Wizards Unite. During November, players will stand alongside their heroes and fellow players during exciting new in-game events.

The full schedule for the upcoming month includes:

International Games Week at Libraries: November 3–9

In celebration of International Games Week at Libraries, players may have the opportunity to find iconic witches and wizards, including Hermione, Luna, and Neville, appearing more frequently at various libraries around the world.

Stronger United Brilliant Event Part 1: November 7–14

Assist the brave members of the Order of the Phoenix, including fan-favorite Aurors Mad-Eye Moody and Nymphadora Tonks.

November Community Day: November 17

Team up with other players in Wizarding Challenges and take on high[-]level Chambers to earn exclusive rewards.

Stronger United Brilliant Event Part 2: November 19–26

Support the heroes of the Ministry of Magic, including Arthur and Percy Weasley.

Limited-Time Legends of Hogwarts Event: November 26 to December 2

Stand united with heroes of Hogwarts and help return Foundables from the Potions Classroom Registry Page, including Harry, Sirius and Snape.


In addition, Simon shopping destinations Firewheel Town Center, King of Prussia, and Lakeline Mall will be hosting their first-ever Community Day partner celebration events on November 17, 2019. Visit the Events page on WizardsUnite.com for more details.

Check out WB Games and Niantic’s new blog post for more details on all the exciting in-game activations happening in November here.

To stay up[-]to[-]date on Harry Potter: Wizards Unite upcoming event details, please visit www.wizardsunite.com and follow the game on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and YouTube.

Harry Potter: Wizards Unite is co-published and co-developed by WB Games San Francisco and Niantic, Inc., under the Portkey Games label.

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