CC #412: Week of December 1, 2019

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Hagrid: “Now, do you have any questions?”
Ron: “Where do babies come from?”
Hagrid: “I meant about Grawp.”

“I broke my bike…”
—Lauren P.

Ron: “I thought we agreed on an imaginary three-seater, not the imaginary two-seater!”
Hermione: “Ummm…”
Harry: “You might want to sit down. This is gonna blow your mind.”

A day after leg day.
—Ashapurna D.

Me, pretending I like the Christmas gift my cousin gave me so he’ll leave me alone.

“Peloton? I think you got ripped off.”

Ron: “Here’s your bike back, Hermione.”
Hermione: “You were SUPPOSED to bring it back in the shape of a full bike.”
Harry: (Sips tea)
—Katie R.

When the CGI budget couldn’t cover the thestrals in Movie 5, the actors were given semi-invisible bicycles to ride to London instead.
—Diggi V.J.

Hagrid: “I’ll need you to keep Grawpy company.”
Hermione: “I think we can… handle that…”

“Hermione, if you’re gonna borrow my Invisibility Cloak to hide your bike, at least cover the whole thing.”
—Brooke P.

Hermione: “Ron, this is awkward. Why would Harry not wear horizontal stripes like us?”
—Lord Montemort

Harry & Ron: “Hermione, next time check Google Maps before we leave.”
—Chipper D.

Me and my friends pretending we don’t know each other after they caught us doing something we weren’t supposed to do.
—Lauren B.

“See, Ronald? Even a GIANT noticed that I am a GIRL!”





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