Exclusive Reveal: “ZONKO’S JOKE SHOP™” Set with “RON™,” “HARRY™,” and “HERMIONE™” Figurines from The Bradford Exchange

Christmas is right around the corner, and The Bradford Exchange has sent our Social Media Promoter Dana Caterina the perfect addition to her Christmas decoration collection. The Bradford Exchange has created an illuminated “ZONKO’S JOKE SHOP™” set that comes with “RON™,” “HARRY™,” and “HERMIONE™” figurines. Zonko’s comes covered in snow as if a blizzard hit Hogsmeade. Take a sneak peek at what is new from The Bradford Exchange and how you can get a piece of the collection.



The box came, and when I opened it, there was a lot of bubble wrap inside and the little shop replica molded in styrofoam. Initially, I was nervous to receive the product because I have experience with my fragile mail coming broken. I was pleasantly surprised to see how protected the package was! When I took it out, the glitter on the top snow was already shining, and that holiday-season feeling hit me.


The Bradford Exchange’s “ZONKO’S JOKE SHOP™” set with “RON™,” “HARRY™,” and “HERMIONE™”


I didn’t have any idea of what was coming in the mail since there haven’t been pictures of this exclusive release. I took out the joke shop, the “HARRY™,” “RON™,” and “HERMIONE™” figurines, and the chimneys – the chimneys come wrapped in their own protection as well! So when it was all put together, I popped in the three AAA batteries, and when I turned it on, it looked like the perfect winter wonderland.


The Bradford Exchange’s “ZONKO’S JOKE SHOP™,” illuminated


The light that is inside of Zonko’s is this warm orange-yellow light that is perfect for anyone’s winter decor. The glitter on the snow shines with any light on in the house – it’s a stunning, blue, iridescent glitter that mimics snow really well. Although the glitter does emphasize the snowy look, it does come off to the touch, but no fear here! The glitter does come off your hands easily. The “HARRY™,” “RON™,” and “HERMIONE™” figurines look a little off, but they are small, so I can understand that painting small figurines can be really difficult. However, without the figurines, the set feels like it is missing something, so I love that they include them. The golden trio is dressed for the occasion in their hats and scarves, and I just love that.


The Bradford Exchange’s golden trio of “RON™,” “HARRY™,” and “HERMIONE™”


Speaking of details, the set has a lot of them! The structure of “ZONKO’S JOKE SHOP™” is really well detailed, with each stone and window present and painted. When I put it together and was looking at every detail, I was looking for a small sign that said “Tricks and Jokes,” and to my surprise, there was one! It is in super small lettering too, which makes me really excited and happy since I am a total sucker for detail.


The Bradford Exchange’s “ZONKO’S JOKE SHOP™,” close up


All in all, this illuminated set is very magical, and I can’t wait for it to be accompanied by my other winter and Christmas decorations – it brings warmth to the table and adds a special touch to my home, and I hope it will do the same for you!

Currently, this collection is available in the United States and Canada only. If you are a fan in the United States and want to start collecting, you can subscribe here. If you are in Canada, you can start your collection by subscribing here.

There are six previously announced sets in the Harry Potter Illuminated Village collection. As a collector subscribed to The Bradford Exchange’s subscription plan, you will have the entire Illuminated Village collection reserved for you, which means regular deliveries of each new set and no increase in price! New sets are billed and shipped separately approximately every other month, once your previous bill has been paid in full, and you can cancel your plan at any time with no obligation. Here are the six sets that have been announced so far:

A review “ZONKO’S JOKE SHOP™” set with “RON™,” “HARRY™,” and “HERMIONE™” figurines was provided to MuggleNet by The Bradford Exchange. All opinions belong to the reviewer.