Sorting “Love Actually” Characters into Hogwarts Houses

It’s the Christmas season, which means lots of Christmas music and movies everywhere. One of my favorite festive films is Love Actually. During my latest rewatch, I couldn’t help but wonder which Hogwarts Houses some of the characters would belong in.


David: Gryffindor



One of the key characteristics of a Gryffindor is bravery, and David demonstrates this when he stands up for his country during the press conference with the US president. In addition to his actions in office, running and winning the position of Prime Minister would have taken lots of nerve too.


Natalie: Hufflepuff



Hufflepuffs value dedication, loyalty, and hard work, all of which are characteristics Natalie possesses. As a Downing Street employee, Natalie’s work ethic would have helped her get her position. That’s not to mention her loyalty to David and her incredibly honest slips.


Harry: Slytherin



Just like the character he portrays in the Harry Potter series, Alan Rickman’s Harry is definitely a Slytherin. By having an affair, he put himself and his wants ahead of his family, unintentionally hurting his wife in the process.


Karen: Hufflepuff



Another Harry Potter alum, Emma Thompson’s character is a loyal, caring mother and wife. Despite her husband’s actions, she stood firm, strong, and loyal to her family and friends. She was always there for Daniel when he needed her.


Daniel: Hufflepuff



Losing his wife must have been incredibly hard, but Daniel managed to pick himself up after this tragic event to be there for his stepson. He was patient when Sam was learning to play the drums. He was also incredibly supportive and there for Sam when he needed someone to talk to. All of these admirable qualities make him a fantastic Hufflepuff.


Sam: Gryffindor



In order to impress his crush, Sam learns the drums so he can accompany her on stage, something that takes a lot of dedication. Plus, he jumps security and runs through the airport to catch her in time to say goodbye. Both of these acts take bravery, something Gryffindors are famous for.


Jamie: Hufflepuff



Unfortunately, loyalty is not always rewarded, as Jamie learned when he found his brother and girlfriend together. Fortunately, he had a place to escape and met someone who was worthy of his trust.


Aurelia: Ravenclaw



Aurelia learned enough English to accept Jamie’s proposal not long after he left. Picking up a foreign language so quickly takes a lot of brainpower and intelligence, characteristics that belong to the House of Ravenclaw.


Billy Mack: Slytherin



Billy Mack displays a few Slytherin qualities, namely ambition and resourcefulness to ensure that his Christmas single makes it to the top of the charts. Unfortunately, he steps on other people’s toes during the process.


Joe: Hufflepuff



As Billy’s manager, Joe is the main person in Billy’s life. Sadly, Billy’s ambition unintentionally caused Joe pain. However, despite everything Billy put him through, Joe’s loyalty and friendship to Billy proved steadfast, making him the ultimate Hufflepuff.


What do you think of my list? Let us know in the comments!


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