“‘Twas The Night Before Christmas”- Wizard Style

A wizarding revamp of Clement Clarke Moore’s classic poem, “‘Twas the Night Before Christmas.”
Wherever you are, may your day or night be filled with cheer. Happy Holidays from the MuggleNet family!



‘Twas the night before Christmas, when all thro’ Grimmauld Place,
Not a Kreacher was stirring, he slept on his chaise.

The kitchen was covered in bottles without care,
As Remus and Sirius had drunk all that was there.

They had cheered the good season, soon retiring to their beds,
While visions of pixies danced in their heads.

Mrs. Black in her portrait awoke from her nap,
And screamed bloody murder: “No Mudbloods in this flat!”

Remus woke startled upon hearing the clatter,
He sprang from his bed to see what was the matter.

Down the dark hallway, he raced like a flash,
Grabbed the portrait’s curtains, struggling with the sash.

Finally succeeding in silencing the old hag,
While Sirius stayed sleeping in a booze-sodden lag.



Over at the Burrow, the Weasleys were awake,
Arthur sipping eggnog and Ron eating cake.

Molly was washing, hanging clothes on the wire,
While Bill, whiskey handy, warmed his back by the fire.

George disappeared, an ominous sign,
Poor Percy lay waiting to be pranked countless times.

“Now! Harry, Hermione, Ginny, and Ron!
“Now! Charlie and Fleur, Fred and Tonks! Come on!

“Dinner is ready, to the table if you please!”
Called an irate Molly Weasley from the kitchen with ease.

There was a scrambling from the house, and the children emerged,
Chairs scraping, stomachs rumbling, “But where is Luna?” Molly urged.



Up on the roof, in the cold falling snow,
Sat Luna in her jacket, waiting for someone to show.

She had heard a twinkling and seen from the roof
Distinct sleigh bells jingling and 18 pairs of hoofs.

“St. Nicholas is coming!” Luna cried turning round,
“Luna come down this instant!” Molly called from the ground.

That same moment at Hogwarts, the Professors in a spin,
Not one could find Dumbledore, causing quite a large din.

“He was here, just this minute!” said Minerva confused,
“Perhaps he’s asleep?” Professor Flitwick had mused.

His bed remained empty, it seemed he took his leave,
Where could he be on this snowy Christmas Eve?

“He said he had business before turning in.”
Drawled Severus Snape, as Moody stroked his chin.

Sipping his pipe, hearing the conversation inside,
Hagrid in his cottage shook his head with a smile.

He had spent the day herding nine Thestrals to stay
Tethered and secured to a giant red and gold sleigh.

Dumbledore dressed in a rich red cloak,
Took the reigns from the sleigh, “Wingardium Levisoa!” he spoke.

With a wink of his blue eyes and a twist of his head,
The sleigh rose in the air as though pulled by a thread.

He spoke no more words and cracked the reigns with might.
Soon he and the Thestrals were far out of sight.

Through the snow-covered air, he raced not turning back.
Unseen and unheard, delivering gifts from his sack.

Up the last chimney, he rose, to the Thestrals gave a cry,
And away they all flew, silent in the dark night sky:

But Luna heard him exclaim as he flew out of sight –
“Merry Christmas to all and to all a good night!”