Castium Revelio: “The Batman” Begins and Babu Frik

The time is now; the reign of Batinson has begun. Production is officially underway on Matt Reeves’s new incarnation of The Batman, starring Robert Pattinson, Zoë Kravitz, and Colin Farrell, and we can’t wait to see where these actors take their iconic roles! Elsewhere, David Tennant has trouble moving about in tight trousers, Warwick Davis just might surprise you with which of his many Star Wars characters he’d like to see get a spin-off, and divination foretold the coming of Dame Emma Thompson‘s husband. Clear your inner eye! Castium Revelio!


Harry Potter Cast & Crew

The Batman is officially on the prowl. Filmmaker Matt Reeves marked the first official day of production Monday on Twitter, and we couldn't be more psyched to see how Robert Pattinson (Cedric Diggory), Zoë Kravitz (Leta Lestrange, Fantastic Beasts), and Colin Farrell (Percival Graves, Fantastic Beasts) step into their new roles as Batman, Catwoman, and the Penguin!



Caroline Duncan, costume designer for M. Night Shyamalan's Apple TV+ series Servant, starring Rupert Grint, sat down recently with Flickering Myth to discuss her approach to costuming the show's various characters. Flickering Myth specifically asked Duncan whether Grint's most famous role as Ron Weasley was something from which she had to consciously steer away.

Oh, definitely. [We were definitely conscious] about what an audience expects when they hear that Rupert is in a project - what we attach immediately to is a vision of Ron Weasley. We had a desire to push away from that and help carve out a character that feels very, very different, very adult, very American, and the desire to inject elements of addiction and gluttony into his character. We fell into this rhythm, Rupert, Night and I, of liking the idea that he has these extra pieces that he doesn't take off. He never stays put long enough, if you think about him; he's always blowing in and out of the set. [...] He's got very sartorial elements in his wardrobe, and that interplay with his addiction is interesting. I think we think of addicts as falling apart or not looking quite so pulled together in their wardrobe normally. That's the one place in which instead of something falling off or falling apart, he's adding on.

Duncan also divulged that filming for the second season of Servant is underway, so we'll keep our eyes out for updates on that!

AFC Bournemouth was surprised last week when James Phelps (Fred Weasley) popped in for a visit at the football club's training facility. Player Ryan Fraser posted a photo to his Instagram account, expressing his delight as a "big Harry Potter fan" at seeing Phelps "wand-ering around the club".


James Phelps pays a visit to the AFC Bournemouth football club.


Filming has begun for the fourth season of The Crown, and the Daily Echo spotted stars Helena Bonham Carter (Bellatrix Lestrange) and Olivia Colman filming last week in Winchester, England.

Bonham Carter will reprise her role as Princess Margaret in the next season of Netflix's hit series, and you can check out a few photos from the filming session below.



Another project to which Bonham Carter remains attached is The Land of Sometimes, which, with his death January 21, sadly became the last project on which Monty Python legend Terry Jones worked. The animated film - based on the audiobook by Francesca Longrigg - has been stuck in production for quite some time, having first been announced in 2016. Bonham Carter was cast as Little Twink, Jones as the Wish Watch, and Ewan McGregor as the Wish Collector in the story of two twins who find themselves on a mysterious island where wishes come true.

The film was put on hold in favor of Master Moley, but producer Tony Nottage tells the Hollywood Reporter The Land of Sometimes is next on the docket and expected to be complete by the end of 2021.

Jones's fellow Python, John Cleese (Nearly Headless Nick), meanwhile, shared a tribute to his friend on Twitter.



Dame Emma Thompson's (Sybill Trelawney) husband, Greg Wise, was informed by a seer prior to filming Sense and Sensibility that he would find his future wife on the set, and go ahead and ask us if there is any way we could possibly love that story more because no, no there is not. While "seer" may be a bit of an exaggeration, his description of the friend who gave him the prediction was "a bit witchy," which still suits this Potter-esque love story to a tee. Thompson elaborated on a recent episode of The Graham Norton Show.

Before he did the job, he went to see a friend of his who was a bit witchy, and she said he would meet his future partner on the film. He assumed it wasn't me because I was married and quite a lot older than him, so he thought it might be Kate [Winslet]. He took her to Glastonbury, and she was bored, and he thought, 'This isn't going to work; who can it be?' Then things happened that probably shouldn't have happened, and it's been 25 years in May.

Hey, sometimes it takes a few things that shouldn't happen to facilitate something that absolutely should. You also won't want to miss these other clips from Thompson's appearance on the show.




Meanwhile, early reviews aren't being kind to Robert Downey Jr.'s Dolittle reboot, starring Thompson, Ralph Fiennes (Lord Voldemort), Frances de la Tour (Madame Maxime), Ralph Ineson (Amycus Carrow), and Jim Broadbent (Horace Slughorn), but Thompson and Downey were still all smiles last week at a special screening of the film in London. The warmest, fuzziest photo ever of the two embracing was captured at the event, and that's all that really matters. You can see it below, along with a shot of Thompson with Dear Evan Hansen's current West End lead, Marcus Harman, after she recently enjoyed the show.


Dame Emma Thompson hugs Robert Downey Jr. at a "Dolittle" screening.


Dame Emma Thompson with Marcus Harman at "Dear Evan Hansen".


As MuggleNet let you know back in October 2019, Broadbent and Dame Helen Mirren are teaming up for a film about the bizarre story of the 1961 theft of Francisco de Goya's portrait of the Duke of Wellington from the National Gallery. The two are now hard at work on the project, which is slated to premiere November 6 in the United Kingdom.

Broadbent is portraying Kempton Bunton, the 60-year-old taxi driver behind the theft, whose identity remained a mystery even after the painting was returned in 1965. Bunton eventually confessed to the crime. The movie is now officially dubbed The Duke, and Mirren is playing Bunton's wife. Broadbent and Mirren were spotted by the Mirror and the Daily Mail while filming in England.



Warwick Davis (Griphook/Filius Flitwick) made us a little nervous recently about the future of the widely reported Willow reboot for Disney+, but we're remaining confident that the powers that be will make it happen. Davis told Inverse that "there's no definite green light go for this" but that "the right people have come together" in an effort to make a series based on the 1988 film happen. Meanwhile, Davis also shared which of his many Star Wars characters he'd love to see featured in a spinoff movie, and the answer just might surprise you!

A character I'd love to bring back would be more Weazel. I think he deserves a little bit more. The experience I had on 'Solo' was so fantastic anyway, but I think there's sort of an intrigue to that character. And I'd like to know what he got up to between 'Phantom Menace' and 'Solo'. Why did he take the path he took?

And speaking of Star Wars, people are still going wild about Shirley Henderson's (Moaning Myrtle) voicing of Babu Frik in Star Wars: The Rise of Skywalker, prompting the release of an extended scene from the film!



Fans of Good Omens were also likely fans of Crowley's rock-star-meets-the-catwalk strut. David Tennant (Barty Crouch Jr.) gave BBC America a little insight into what inspired it - and it's not what you'd think.

It turns out, demons wear very tight trousers, which at least gives you a walk... I suppose it is a bit of a strut, a bit of a swagger, but yeah, it was just the only way I could get around. There was no great character choice. [...] There is a leather pair, one of the time periods that I'm wearing leather trousers, that took some staff. Most of the time, I managed to struggle in and out myself. I don't know how Keith Richards manages it.

Here's a little video montage, just in case you feel like reliving the magic.



BBC One has announced a second season of its drama Baptiste, and BroadwayWorld says Fiona Shaw (Petunia Dursley) will be starring as British Ambassador Emma Chambers. Tchéky Karyo (The Missing) will reprise his role as retired police investigator Julien Baptiste. Filming is expected to begin in February in Budapest, Hungary, and Shaw says she is "honoured to be joining this hugely talented and committed team with the superb writing of Harry and Jack Williams and under the direction of Thomas Napper. I'm so lucky to be working with all the best of the new generation!" You can check out a synopsis of Season 2 below.

When British Ambassador Emma Chambers' whole family disappears whilst on a skiing holiday in the Hungarian mountains, Baptiste immerses himself into Emma's world, committed to finding her husband and two sons. However, when the case turns into something far more brutal and desperate, Julien must navigate a Hungarian police force he doesn't trust and unrelenting media interest who are hungry for information on such a high-profile international case.

Also on Shaw's calendar, MuggleNet let you know previously about Ammonite, the story of 1800s fossil hunter Mary Anning (Kate Winslet), who enters into a relationship with a young woman named Charlotte Murchison (Saoirse Ronan), who was sent to convalesce on the seaside, and the film's North American rights have since been picked up by Neon. The movie also stars Shaw as Elizabeth Philpot and Gemma Jones (Poppy Pomfrey) as Molly Anning, and it's expected to premiere later this year.

Fans of the British sci-fi sitcom Red Dwarf were excited to see the Dave channel's Twitter account post a pair of new images teasing an upcoming special episode of the show. It will be the first new Red Dwarf content since 2017. One of the images will also be of interest to Potter fans, as it shows Ray Fearon (Firenze) in his role as a new character: Rodon, leader of the feral cats. The two-hour episode will air later this year, and you can check out the photo of Fearon below.


Pictured is a first look at Ray Fearon in "Red Dwarf".


Ovation TV has acquired the United States broadcasting rights to British series Hooten & the Lady and will be airing the show's first season on its travel-entertainment app JOURNY. Hooten & the Lady follows two treasure-hunting partners in a series of global escapades and stars Jessica Hynes (voice of Mafalda Hopkirk).

StudioCanal has authorized a new 4K restoration of David Lynch's The Elephant Man, the 1980 film starring the late Sir John Hurt (Garrick Ollivander). The re-release will also feature a number of extras, including an interview with Hurt. You can view a trailer for the restoration below. The disc is slated for an April 6 release.



And in final Potter news, another dearly departed alumnus, Alan Rickman, may always be Severus Snape in our eyes, but many other movie fans also enjoy him as the no-less-angry but rather-more-violent Hans Gruber in Die Hard. You can now take the role of Gruber in a recently released board game from USAopoly: Die Hard: The Nakatomi Heist Board Game. You can pick one up on or

Fantastic Beasts Cast & Crew

While things didn't end tremendously well for Yon-Rogg in Captain Marvel, the character was alive when last we saw him. And that means a likely return to the role for Jude Law (Albus Dumbledore) in the recently announced sequel! Variety reports final negotiations are underway, though no title, prospective release date, or characters other than Brie Larson's Carol Danvers have been announced as yet. We'll keep you posted!

Law is also coproducing the upcoming film True Things About Me alongside Ruth Wilson (His Dark Materials), who stars as Kate in the story of a young woman on the fringes of society who becomes involved with a stranger. The movie is based on the book of the same name by Deborah Kay Davies, and filming is expected to commence March 16 in Kent, England. Law isn't appearing in the movie.

Lastly, Social News XYZ caught up with the actor at a special screening of his new film The Rhythm Section in New York, and you can check out that interview below.



The Imperial Ball is a big deal in the world of rock stars and guitar enthusiasts, not to mention a charity fundraiser, and this year's event in Anaheim, California, featured Queens of the Stone Age with special guest Johnny Depp (Gellert Grindelwald). Enjoy video footage below; to skip straight to the Depp portion of the evening, jump to 8:15 and get ready to do your best Billy Idol sneer.



Depp also was on hand last week when Aerosmith celebrated its 50th anniversary in Los Angeles. Aerosmith guitarist Joe Perry, of course, is a member - with Depp and Alice Cooper - of the Hollywood Vampires, and both of his bandmates joined in the fun at the gala dinner and performance. You can check out a few photos below.



Ironically, progress on The Flash movie, starring Ezra Miller (Credence Barebone), has moved about as quickly as frozen molasses to this point, but it seems as if the project's creative team is finally ready to lace up their shoes and get moving. spoke with screenwriter Christina Hodson at a Birds of Prey promotional event, and while she didn't ultimately have much to say, she at least seemed enthusiastic about the project.

Honestly, there's so little I'm allowed to say about 'Flash'. I will tell you that, for me, the reason to do it now is because I love it. I'm having a blast working on it. And that is about all I'm allowed to say.

Miller was also spotted at Universal's Grammys after-party sporting a typically unique look: bloodstained chic. Miller paired his flesh wounds with a black hoodie, dark jeans, and high-heeled boots because he's Ezra Miller. You can get the picture below.



Colin Farrell (Percival Graves) loves kebabs, and he's not ashamed to admit it. And since he also happens to be a very famous guy, that admission has led him to a personal nirvana of sorts: lots and lots of free kebabs. Having mentioned his favorite restaurant, Abrekebabra, in various interviews, the restaurant presented the actor with a special black card created just for him and entitling him to all the kebabs he can eat. He shared the tale on Jimmy Kimmel Live!.



Farrell also dropped by Ellen to discuss his upcoming role as Oswald Cobblepot in The Batman and had another amusing side story to share: He let his son watch It when the boy was just eight. While many kids get their introduction to the horror genre at an early age, Farrell called his decision "a parental dropping of the ball of epic proportions", noting he could "discern a certain discomfort that was emanating from his eight-year-old body."



Zoë Kravitz (Leta Lestrange) also had a few things to say about her character, Catwoman, in the upcoming Batman flick, speaking at the Television Critics Association's winter press tour.

She's a great character. I'm very excited to play her. The script is wonderful, really grounded and deep, and I can't say more than that because I'll get fired. The whole 'Batman' world has always been the most interesting to me. I think Catwoman is an iconic character. [...] I think Catwoman/Selina Kyle represents really strong femininity, and I'm excited to dive into that. [...] I think Batman represents a very masculine power and Catwoman represents a very feminine power, slightly more complicated and softer, too. I like the idea that you can be soft, you can be gentle, and still be very powerful and so very dangerous.

Kravitz is also looking forward to the February 14 premiere on Hulu of her gender-swapped reboot of High Fidelity, in which she plays record store owner Rob. The first trailer has finally dropped, and you can check it out (and enjoy a little "Modern Love" by David Bowie) below.



The second half of The Walking Dead Season 10 is quickly approaching, and the show's Twitter account has released a teaser trailer that indicates war is coming between the Whisperers, led by Samantha Morton's (Mary Lou Barebone) Alpha, and those who oppose them. Morton and Dan Fogler (Jacob Kowalski) return with Episode 9, "Squeeze," on February 23 on AMC.



Netflix has acquired world rights to His House, which stars Wunmi Mosaku (Beryl) and Matt Smith, Deadline Hollywood reports. The film has an extremely relevant premise, telling the story of a young refugee couple making their escape from war-torn Sudan and struggling to adjust to their new lives in a small English town that is more sinister than it seems.

Cursed Child Cast & Crew

Jean Hanff Korelitz's novel You Should Have Known has been adapted into a six-part series titled The Undoing for HBO, and Noma Dumezweni (Hermione Granger, original West End and Broadway runs) will be starring alongside Nicole Kidman and Hugh Grant. The story centers around Grace (Kidman), a prominent therapist about to publish her first book when her husband, Jonathan (Grant), disappears. Dumezweni is listed as appearing in six episodes in a currently unnamed role. The series is set to air in May, and you can check out the trailer below.



We’ve got to be off… We’re going to try to get some free kebabs out of Colin Farrell! But we’ll see you next week for a new installment of Casting News, and until then, let us know which projects have piqued your interest in the comments!

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