CC #414: Week of February 9, 2020

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“Weasleys assemble!”
—Katie R.

“Guys, we can’t ALL direct this orchestra!”
—Tracy K.

Sticks at the ready, the four youngest Weasley children wait to be given a marshmallow to toast over the fire.

Harry: “Now, if you want your spell to be successful, your shirt must be tucked in, Ron.”

“Batons out… The relay race will begin in 3… 2…”
—Alicia P.

Bonnie: “There goes Dan, breaking another wand again…”
Oliver: “22nd time this week…”
—David A.

“Seriously? Do we need this many conductors for the Hogwarts Glee Club?”
—Friend of Fawkes

Me and the squad pulling up to hurt whoever broke our best friend’s heart.
—Katie R.

When all your friends are guys and someone picks on you.

When you haven’t done any homework for the whole year and have to submit it all in a few hours.

When someone says they don’t like Harry Potter.
—Mary F.

Me and the boys when the pizza guy takes longer than 15 minutes.
—Lillie F.

Eric S.

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