Review: Hermione Granger Bag Prop Replica from the Noble Collection

Hermione’s beaded bag in Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows was a lifesaver for the golden trio during their Horcrux hunt –  it literally gave them a roof over their heads, changes of clothes, a mobile library, and medicinal potion storage (all thanks to Hermione’s excellent packing, of course). But what about the bag Emma Watson carries in the on-screen rendition of the story? How well does it hold up without an Undetectable Extension Charm? Our Transcript Editor and Copy Editor Deanna spent time investigating the prop replica bag from the Noble Collection to find out!


As someone who grew up browsing through the pamphlets stuffed into the jackets of my favorite VHS tapes and DVDs, I had high expectations for the Noble Collection: Its prop replicas always looked perfect. I’m pleased to say that its version of Hermione’s bag doesn’t disappoint!


Hermione's Bag Full Sideview

Hermione’s bag, full side view


I was somewhat surprised with the packaging, as it feels very similar to what I might see in the toy aisle in the bookstore – but on second thought, I appreciate how minimal it is, giving a good view of the replica inside from almost every angle. I’m not the sort of person to keep my fan merchandise in the original packaging, but you could very easily do so without feeling like you were missing out on being able to view most of the details. The clear plastic cube is obscured only by pictures on the back and thin banners around the top and bottom, leaving the bag inside clearly visible. The only word of warning I have regarding the packaging is that it’s nearly impossible to open without damaging, so if you like to keep your collectibles’ original packaging in pristine condition, that’s something to keep in mind.



But I was very eager to touch the bag, seeing as it’s covered in textures that are visible in screencaps but somewhat easy to miss during the film. That’s a shame because the detail in this bag is absolutely stunning. You can really see the care that went into both the original prop design for the film and this faithful replica.

The main body is made up of alternating velvet and satin panels, embellished by metallic embroidery and strips of iridescent trimming ribbon. The drawstrings are actually much longer than I had anticipated – over two feet extended when the bag is cinched closed – and rather heavy, made of a silky, silvery rope and ending with beaded baubles. These nicely match the beaded tassel on the bottom of the bag, which is beautifully made and a lovely decorative touch, but it does prevent the bag from being able to sit upright on its base.



So what can fit inside? Even minus the Extension Charm, it can store a surprising amount. Its drawstring allows it to open almost completely flat, so oddly shaped objects aren’t much of a problem. I tried it and was surprised at how large it is when opened! I even managed to fit most of a plush Niffler inside (for reference, he’s about nine inches tall). After my experimentation, the bag was still perfectly fine and easy to plump back into shape to show off the paneling, thanks to the heavy materials used in its construction. It might not fit a whole tent or a library, but it could definitely serve as an elegant way to hold your essentials for a night out.



Whether used as a functional statement bag or a prized collector’s piece for the Potter fan, the Noble Collection’s prop replica is beautiful. If you like what you read and want to get your hands on one, you can enter our 25 Days of Giveaways or check out the Noble Collection to purchase one.

A Hermione Granger Bag Prop Replica was provided by the Noble Collection. All opinions belong to the reviewer. 

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