CC #421: Week of May 17, 2020

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Neville: “Hey, Harry, I think a toad just ate my wand.”

Neville: “Hey, Harry! Do you wanna see me get eaten by the Giant Squid?!”

The Shape of Water (2017)

When your friend loses an earring in the lake and you just sit there and watch.
—Willow P.

When the romance book suggests buying her roses, but your weird friend says to go with slime lake plants.
—Paige P.

Neville: “Did you hear they’re making Percy Jackson a show on Disney Plus?”
Harry: “You’re doing it again.”
Neville: “Doing what?”
Harry: “Talking about a different fandom.”
—Katie R.

Harry: “Neville, if you’re going to pose for me to draw you as Ophelia, you’ll have to lie down IN the water.”

Neville: “This is littorally my favorite hobby.”
Harry: “That’s enough puns, Neville.”
—Sarai P.

Ron: “Harry! I took a bath in this water. Does my hair still look Weasley red?”

Harry: “What ya doing there, Neville?”
Neville: “Studying some seaweed so that you don’t choke to death, dude.”

When you have a science project due tomorrow and decide to just pull something out of the lake.
—Paige P.

Harry: “You do know that this lake has giant leeches?”
—Delano Britt

Neville: “Okay, with 500 kilograms of gillyweed, I can stay underwater until the war is over in four years.”
—Why So Sirius






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