“This Is How We Fly” Coming in October

While this season of Muggle quidditch has ended in the United States, the sport has started appealing to the book world. This Is How We Fly is a new book for young adults about romance and quidditch.

The book will be released on October 20 and is written by Anna Meriano. She lives in Houston, Texas, just like the main protagonist and has experience with quidditch. She plays mostly as a Beater.

The main protagonist is 17-year-old vegan feminist Ellen Lopez-Rourke. She graduated from high school recently and plans to spend the summer with her two best friends before they all go to different colleges. Her plans are destroyed after she is grounded for the entire summer. She can only join the local Muggle quidditch team and that’s how she starts to discover this new sport and meet new people. She will start thinking soon that quidditch might be the place where she belongs.


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Meriano is a teacher and writer who previously wrote the fantasy trilogy Love Sugar Magic for children. She also helped with writing lyrics for Mexico’s song for the Qeurovision song contest. This Is How We Fly is her young adult debut, and it’s suitable especially for fans of books like Fangirl and Dumplin’.