Magical Pets We’d Take to Work with Us

There are numerous exciting and dangerous creatures in the wizarding world. Who among us hasn’t wanted to fly with hippogriffs, sing with a phoenix, or chase Nifflers? While these creatures are lovable and adventurous, they also cause chaos. Other quiet and fun-loving creatures are domesticated and would even do well at a job. If I had a choice in what magical creatures I’d get to work with, these would be who I’d want as my coworkers.





Hedwig isn’t the only wonderful pet owl at Hogwarts, but she is certainly one of the best. Hedwig is loyal, steadfast, and of course, cute. Her beautiful feathers and smart personality make her an ideal companion for Harry. Hedwig would be the perfect coworker because she enjoys independent time when she flies off on her own, but she also appreciates praise. You’d get to feed her crackers at your desk and explain to her the items on your to-do list. No matter what I’d be working on, Hedwig would sit and keep me company.





I prefer dogs to cats, but even I have to admit that Crookshanks would be one of the best Harry Potter pets to keep me company. Since Hermione picked Crookshanks herself, you know that this cat has to be a loyal study companion. Crookshanks’ observant yet patient nature would be great in an office setting. Crookshanks would curl up and not object to you spending the day working. No introvert could ask for a better friend!





Fang may not be the wittiest or the most exciting pet, but he is certainly brave and strong! Fang accompanies Harry and his friends on many adventures into the Forbidden Forest, even though Fang is reluctant to go without Hagrid. Fang only wants to lounge around Hagrid’s hut, but he always accompanies his friends on adventures. Fang is a genuinely kind dog that would love to relax by your side at the office, but make sure you bring bones and chew toys to keep him entertained for the day!





While Dougal the Demiguise isn’t a magical pet, Newt raises Dougal to be more domestic than fierce. When Dougal isn’t exploring shopping malls, he’d enjoy being your coworker. I can picture Dougal patting me on the back when I’ve had a hard day and even brewing a pot of tea to calm the atmosphere. Dougal seems to possess hidden wisdom that would make him an asset in any office. Plus, he seems to be a gentle and generous Demiguise, as we saw in Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them when Dougal looked after an Occamy.





Similar to Dougal, Pickett is also not a pet in the traditional sense of the word, but he acts highly irregularly compared to other Bowtruckles. Pickett forms a strong attachment to Newt and acts as his pet or companion. I think Pickett would enjoy exploring a desk and observing office life. As long as no one scares or startles him, I could see Pickett having a fun day at work. Additionally, he’d love to work with someone who had succulents or other desk plants with them.





To be a pet of Dumbledore’s, you’d have to be pretty special. Fawkes the phoenix and Dumbledore seem to have a unique and genuine friendship. Fawkes helps rescue Dumbledore when the Ministry tries to make him leave Hogwarts, and later Harry hears Fawkes singing on Dumbledore’s behalf. Since Fawkes spends most of his time resting in Dumbledore’s office, he has already proved that he enjoys an office setting. We’d love to spend the day talking and petting Fawkes, and maybe he’d even fly around for a bit.





Raise your hand if you think Errol deserved more scene and screen time. He’s an odd and elderly bird but ultimately a harmless and hardworking one. Even in his old age, Errol the owl continues to serve the Weasley family. We hope that retirement is treating him well, but if he ever gets bored, he’s welcome to share a quiet office space with us.



What magical pets do you want to take to work with you? Feel free to share your thoughts with us in the comments.

Monet Polny

"Harry Potter" has been my ultimate inspiration as a writer. Everything from the characters to the plot dynamics has impacted my writing style and aided me in making the decision to major in creative writing. I wanted to become Newt Scamander's protegee and work with magical creatures, but becoming a writer is the next best career choice.