Winners of US Quidditch Regional Individual Awards Announced

After US Quidditch ended the 2019–2020 season, it opened voting for Regional Individual Awards. The voting happened from May 15 until May 22, and the winners were announced this week.

There were 16 categories, part of them only for college teams and part of them only for Muggle quidditch clubs. College awards included College MVP, College Rookie of the Year, College Chasers, College Beaters, College Keepers, and College Seeker. Quidditch Club Awards included Club MVP, Club Rookie of the Year, Club Chaser, Club Beater, Club Keeper, and Club Seeker. Other awards were Spirit Award, Best Coach, Best Manager, and Best Snitch Runner.


Chaser in green jersey is trying to tackle another chaser in white jersey, but beater in white jersey is beating him with bludger.


There were eight regions where these 16 awards were given, excluding the Northwest Region, where college awards weren’t presented. The awards for players’ positions were sometimes given to multiple players in one category, and some players won multiple awards. The total number of winners is 190.

Great Lakes Regional Winners

College MVP: Raeann Barnes
College Rookie of the Year: Jordan Timko
College Chasers: Jake Chovanec, Zach Durliat, Leah Gregory, Max Jolly
College Beaters: Raeann Barnes, Sam Beeler, Alyssa Irwin, Austin Ross
College Keepers: Nicholas Kaufmann, Derek Parker
College Seeker: Zach Durliat

Club MVP: Kyle Dawson
Club Rookie of the Year: Mark Blankenship
Club Chaser: Matt Dwyer, Mike Holmes, Korey Johnson, Grace Rapnicki
Club Beater: Peter Brechting, Kyle Dawson, Austin Howe, Gina Mendicino
Club Keeper: Gabe Boris, Michael Holmes
Club Seeker: Kaegan Maddelein

Spirit Award: Zach Durliat
Best Coach: Matt Dwyer
Best Manager: Derek Parker
Best Snitch Runner: Derek Parker

Mid-Atlantic Regional Winners

College MVP: Carlee Kleppin
College Rookie of the Year: TJ Generette
College Chasers: Chrisopher Balasa, Maggie Dodson, Carlee Kleppin, John Sheridan
College Beaters: Vanessa Barker, Zain Bhaila, Lane Burgess, Eden Einhorn
College Keepers: Ian Meyer, Mack Morgan
College Seeker: Ian Meyer

Club MVP: Jonyull Kosinski
Club Rookie of the Year: Cameron McLeroy
Club Chaser: Ali Iannucci, Jonyull Kosinski, Lexi Raffa, Riley Starrs
Club Beater: Dominik Duesel, Stephen Jaworski, Caitie Probst, Alex Zammitti
Club Keeper: Zak Hewitt, Ben Mertens
Club Seeker: Vincent Iannucci

Spirit Award: Isabella Gong
Best Coach: Ben Mertens
Best Manager: Ali Iannucci
Best Snitch Runner: Matthew Cooper

Midwest Regional Winners

College MVP: Cole Lachmiller
College Rookie of the Year: Darian Murcek-Ellis
College Chasers: Cole Lachmiller, Laura Levin, Ally Manzella, Darian Murcek-Ellis
College Beaters: Justin Dewick, Rachel England, Lexi Kinsey, Dominic Krzmarzick
College Keepers: Joe Goulet, Brian McClannahan
College Seeker: Mike Devine

Club MVP: Max Meier
Club Rookie of the Year: Dany Yaacoub
Club Chaser: Terry Carlson, Nathan Digmann, Alyssa Marassa, Max Meier
Club Beater: Matt Brown, Hannah Mueller, Cody Narveson, Tad Walters
Club Keeper: Matthew Fiebig, Scott Rein
Club Seeker: Jeff Siwek

Spirit Award: Scott Rein
Best Coach: Nathan Digmann
Best Manager: Alyssa Marassa
Best Snitch Runner: Tad Walters

Northeast Regional Winners

College MVP: Frank Minson
College Rookie of the Year: Leo Fried
College Chasers: Jose Cabrera, Ellie Lisec, Kate Martinez, Frank Minson
College Beaters: Ade Arjona, Michael Chenevey, Serena Monteiro, Tessa Mullins
College Keepers: Aidan Claffey, Ian Scura
College Seeker: Kellan Cupid

Club MVP: Lindsay Marella
Club Rookie of the Year: Jeff Ebner
Club Chaser: Julia Baer, Taylor Crawford, Lindsay Marella, Molly Potter
Club Beater: Leeanne Dillmann, Max Havlin, Devin Lee, Lulu Xu
Club Keeper: Kristin Forsstrom, Jon Jackson
Club Seeker: Mo Haggag

Spirit Award: Christian Barnes
Best Coach: Michael Parada
Best Manager: Amanda Dallas
Best Snitch Runner: Christian Barnes

Northwest Regional Winners

Club MVP: Molly Bocian
Club Rookie of the Year: Kiersten Bakke
Club Chaser: Ryan Burton, Dyllon Carlson, Rachel Malone, Will Metscher
Club Beater: Molly Bocian, Jacob Keith, Jake Malloy, Siri Rigsby
Club Keeper: Delaney Butler, Drew Sutorius
Club Seeker: Drew Sutorius

Spirit Award: Annie Campbell
Best Coach: Drew Sutorius
Best Manager: Drew Sutorius
Best Snitch Runner: Abe Nurkiewicz

South Regional Winners

College MVP: Jeremy Kowkabany
College Rookie of the Year: Hunter Click
College Chasers: Meg Cannan, Aria Delmar, Matthew Guinazu, Erin Smekrud
College Beaters: Tony Bonadio, Emmanuel Cureton, Ryan Depontbriand, Ryker Jett
College Keepers: Jarod Kaltenbaugh, Jeremy Kowkabany
College Seeker: Tony Bonadio

Club MVP: Calvin Collins
Club Rookie of the Year: Calvin Collins
Club Chaser: Alex Dodgson, Lee Hodge, Jacob Parker, Amy Sullivan
Club Beater: Kelby Brooks, Tyrell Byrd, Calvin Collins, Ryan Davis
Club Keeper: Ebli De La Rosa, Quincy Hildreth
Club Seeker: Ryan Davis

Spirit Award: Jess Daly
Best Coach: Aria Delmar
Best Manager: Kelby Brooks
Best Snitch Runner: Ryan Davis

Southwest Regional Winners

College MVP: Connor McIntyre
College Rookie of the Year: Allie Messenger
College Chasers: Kasye Bevers, Hayden Boyes, Carsyn Dietz, Josh Johnson
College Beaters: Katherine Hayworth, Tate Kay, Baldemar Nunez, Daniel Williams
College Keepers: Connor McIntyre, Luke Meissner
College Seeker: Daniel Williams

Club MVP: Kaci Erwin
Club Rookie of the Year: Bailee Fields
Club Chaser: Martin Bermudez, Kaci Erwin, Sam Haimowitz, Luke Langlinais
Club Beater: Bailee Fields, Jackson Johnson, Augustine Monroe, Hallie Pace
Club Keeper: Miguel Esparza, Augustine Monroe
Club Seeker: TJ Goaley

Spirit Award: Ashton Jeanlewis
Best Coach: Augustine Monroe
Best Manager: Juan Martinez
Best Snitch Runner: Trey Riles

West Regional Winners

College MVP: Kobe Kendall
College Rookie of the Year: Brittany Masangkay
College Chasers: Daniel Belton, Dana Dixon, Dara Gaeuman, Rachel Ramirez
College Beaters: Maxine Gutierrez, Kobe Kendall, Phillip Tran, Justin Van Ligten
College Keepers: Jonathan Garcia-Rovetta, Kellan Huber
College Seeker: Kellan Huber

Club MVP: Duc Tran
Club Rookie of the Year: Jordan Black
Club Chaser: Michael Aguilera, Liz Allendorf, Anthony Hawkins, Lindsey Simpson
Club Beater: Duran Allison, Erin Moreno, Duc Tran, Michael Vong
Club Keeper: Justin Fernandez, Sam Harris
Club Seeker: Elizabeth Ng

Spirit Award: Michael Aguilera
Best Coach: Jamie Luby
Best Manager: Lindsey Simpson
Best Snitch Runner: Anthony Hawkins

Veronika Kohoutová

I played Muggle Quidditch for the Prague Pegasus and on our national team in the European Games 2019.

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