Introducing Platform 9 1/2, a “Harry Potter”-Themed Café in Ipoh, Malaysia

While the gateway between Muggle and magical transportation may be hidden away in London, a new Platform 9 1/2 has sprung up halfway across the globe in Ipoh, Malaysia! There’s one catch, however: It’s not a railway station, but a Harry Potter-themed café that first opened its doors at the end of 2019.

The café boasts a delicious selection of Potter-inspired drinks, including its signature Butterbrew, which is a butterbeer-flavored float, and butterbeer ice cream. Interestingly, the dried-fruit-and-herb teas are each named after a spell in the wizarding world, such as Reparo (kiwi, orange, and lemon) and Lumos (orange, lemon, and red dragon fruit), and all of Platform 9 1/2’s drinks come in specially designed Potter cups. A blogger, who had previously visited the café, writes that there is also a dim sum stall nearby where customers can purchase steamed snacks to eat inside the café.

In an interview with Ipoh Echo, the couple who owns the café shared that an unforgettable trip to the Wizarding World of Harry Potter at Universal Orlando Resort was their inspiration for the Butterbrew. “We could not forget the taste of [b]utterbeer. We also wanted to bring the [b]utterbeer back to Malaysia, so that those who cannot go to Harry Potter theme parks can also enjoy the same thing.”


Butterbrew from Platform 9 1/2 is pictured.

Check out the iconic Butterbrew! (Credit:@NRELEEN on Twitter)


Other than the drinks, the café also offers a variety of activities for Potterheads, such as a dress-up area and photograph opportunities. It even has props that you can pose with, such as scarves, robes, and Hogwarts Express trolleys!


Platform 9 1/2 in Malaysia is featured.

If you don’t have any “Potter” merch to take your pictures with, the staff will gladly lend you some! (Credit @platf9rmipoh on Instagtam)


In true Potter fashion, the café didn’t originally look this stunning and in fact required a full transformation before it was ready to receive customers. Situated on Ipoh’s Heritage Trail, the building was originally very dilapidated, with overgrown moss streaking the walls. The paint was also peeling heavily, and the area was in complete disarray. However, the owners managed to turn the abandoned lot around and even incorporate some of its history into the interior design of the café.


For Harry Potter fans in Malaysia, wizarding world-themed sights are few and far between. So if you’re in Ipoh, be sure to drop by Platform 9 1/2! Have you visited the café before?


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