Author: Elizabeth Grace


Celebrities Who Lost Out on “Harry Potter” Roles

Hermione Granger played not by Emma Watson, Harry Potter played not by Daniel Radcliffe, Ron Weasley played not by Rupert Grint- can you imagine what the golden trio would’ve looked like if cast differently? Check out this list of celebrities who lost out on “Harry Potter” roles!

Jamie Parker and Paul Thornley hosting a "Harry Potter" quiz. 0

Jamie Parker and Paul Thornley Host “Harry Potter” Quiz to Raise Funds for KIDS Charity

Think you’ve got what it takes to achieve an Outstanding grade in all your OWLs and NEWTs? We’ve got just the right challenge for you! “Harry Potter and the Cursed Child” actors Jamie Parker and Paul Thornley will be hosting a charity quiz on October 10 to raise funds for KIDS.