Sorting “The Vampire Diaries” Characters into Hogwarts Houses

Just like Harry Potter, The Vampire Diaries is packed filled with a slew of supernatural creatures, including witches, werewolves, and vampires. It ran for eight years and spawned several spin-offs, including Legacies. Today, I look at the original cast and Sort them into their Hogwarts Houses.


Elena Gilbert: Gryffindor



Gryffindors value courage, bravery, and nerve, qualities that Elena possesses. She often puts herself at risk due to the belief that doing so will save the lives of the people she loves the most.


Damon Salvatore: Slytherin



Damon is cunning and manipulative and would do anything to get what he wants. He has the patience and dedication to enact his decades-long plan to get back at Katherine, using whatever resources and methods he needs to do this. Not only that, but he’s been known to torture and kill people in pursuit of his wants and to punish them if he feels that they’ve crossed him. Over the course of the series, he grows and evolves but still has no qualms about crossing some moral lines to get what he wants.


Stefan Salvatore: Hufflepuff



Unlike his brother, Stefan values loyalty and honesty. He stands by his friends and does what he can to help them, such as when he helped both Elena and Caroline through their transformations into vampires. He constantly wants to see the best in others and wants to believe that people can be redeemed.


Bonnie Bennett: Gryffindor



Just like Elena, she often would do whatever it takes to protect her loved ones, even sacrificing herself on multiple occasions to do this. She is not afraid to do what is right and makes sure her friends know this too.


Caroline Forbes: Ravenclaw



Although she started off the series as a shallow mean girl, she evolved to become a strong vampire. She is incredibly smart and calculated to ensure that her post-vampire life would be as close to her pre-vampire one as possible. Her smarts definitely make her a Ravenclaw.


Katherine Pierce: Slytherin



Just like Damon, she too is manipulative and cunning when it comes to getting what she wants. For the most part, what she wants is to save herself, and she has no issues with other people dying to ensure her own survival.


Matt Donovan: Hufflepuff



Matt is one of the few characters who remained a human throughout his entire stint on the show. As such, it would have been so easy for him to walk away from the supernatural shenanigans that were happening in Mystic Falls. Instead, he stuck by his friends and helped them however he could through whatever they went through. His loyalty makes him a proud Hufflepuff.


Jeremy Gilbert: Hufflepuff



Between his many deaths and resurrections, Jeremy went through a lot during the series. In spite of this, he was always there for his sister and friends, doing what he could to help take down the latest big bad.


Tyler Lockwood: Slytherin



Tyler hasn’t had the easiest time. Over the course of the show, he was a human, werewolf, and hybrid. He faced the challenges he was dealt and used his resources to overcome them. Unfortunately, this sometimes led to other people getting hurt in the process.


Alaric Saltzman: Ravenclaw



Alaric was introduced as a history teacher in the original show and is still alive and well in Mystic Falls as the headmaster of the Salvatore school in Legacies. Like Matt, he is still a human (even though he went through a few supernatural changes during his tenure in Mystic Falls), and he is incredibly smart to remain alive as a human. Not only that, as a teacher and guardian, but he is also the person other characters go for advice and information.


What do you think of my list? Do you think that these characters belong in these Houses? Let us know in the comments!


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