CC #429: Week of September 6, 2020

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Draco: “It’s a shame Goyle is sick today.”
—Nyle V.

Preview of Saks’s winter collection.

Malfoy: “Crabbe, I’m getting suspicious that this guy we’ve been running around with for the whole movie isn’t actually Goyle.”

The ferret on Draco’s head was patient. It knew Draco would get his comeuppance in the next film.
—Allie Fletcher

Malfoy: “When Father sees how good I look with this hat, he won’t be able to resist my request to transfer me to Durmstrang!”

“If you want to join Crabbe and me in the Cool Cap Club, you’ll have to have winter caps as cool as these. (Nods over his shoulder) His didn’t make the cut.”

Hermione: “Hey, where did you get the fur for that hat?”
Malfoy: “Oh, that reminds me, I’ve been meaning to mention that Buckbeak’s execution has taken place.”

Draco: (to Crabbe) “Do you feel his eyes on the back of your neck, too?”

Me stalking my bestie and her date to make sure he’s perfect enough for her.
—Isabella V.

Malfoy: “You like my new clothing? Bit grand for you, isn’t it, Weasel-Bee? Don’t your family all wear one shirt?”
Ron: “Okay, that doesn’t even make sense.”

Malfoy: “Sorry, the Shrieking Shack is closed. Come back in an hour when the tour starts. There will be butterbeers and snacks plus a Q&A section at the end. For three Galleons, you can get your picture taken with the ghosts that reside inside plus a caricature of your face when you first enter.”

Malfoy: “Boys, I think it’s time to teach Weasel-Bee how to respect his superiors.”
Hermione: “I hope you don’t mean yourself!”
Malfoy: “Actually, I meant YOU!”
Hermione: “Oh, well, that’s different, then…”

Dude behind Draco and Crabbe: “Mind if I Slytherin?”

Ron: “Malfoy, you have snakes on your hand.”
Malfoy: (screams and runs away)





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