New LEGO “Harry Potter” Sets Could Feature House-Specific Classrooms

New LEGO Harry Potter rumors are circulating. We know that these sets are part of an ongoing theme, and we now have some insight into what we might expect for January 2021.

It’s looking like the Hogwarts crest will be one of the new sets. This brings a lot of questions that we don’t have the answers to just yet. Many fans are curious if each House’s crest will be an option or if it will be the Hogwarts crest in general.

Another fun rumor is that there will be four additional LEGO Harry Potter sets that appear as textbooks that open and become classrooms!



These playsets will be focused around House-specific classrooms. The textbook covers will feature the appropriate House logo and give us a hands-on approach to some of our favorite classes from Hogwarts. It’s unclear if these sets will be buildable or not.

The rumored sets seem incredible. The Transfiguration set will include Professor McGonagall, Ron, and Hermione. It will also contain desks, cupboards, some critters for transfiguring, blackboards, and the many windows of the classroom.

The next set will take us down to the dungeons for Potions. This green textbook will contain Professor Snape, Draco, and Seamus Finnigan. Tables, chairs, shelves, and blackboards will complete this set. Tiny explosions from Seamus’s working area are not included.

A yellow textbook will become the Herbology classroom. This set will contain Professor Sprout, Neville, and what appears to be Cedric Diggory. Both students are equipped with earmuffs. Glass windows, doors, books, cupboards, and various plants complete this set.

The blue textbook will give us the Charms classroom. This set will contain Professor Flitwick as we see him in the first two Harry Potter films, with a white beard and bald head. Harry and Cho Chang are featured along with desks, displays, blackboards, and shelves. reminds us that these are rumors until LEGO makes any official announcements. This is still something to look forward to, and we can keep daydreaming about the additional sets we can purchase. Which classroom do you want to see from LEGO? Let us know!

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