St George and St Teresa Catholic Primary School Students Take On “Harry Potter” Challenge to Raise Funds for Their School

The students of St George and St Teresa Catholic Primary School in Bentley Heath, United Kingdom, have a challenge fit for any Triwizard Tournament champion: Raise £1,298 by traveling 1,298 miles. Set by the school’s parent-teacher association (PTA), it is part of a series of virtual challenges in the school’s Get Active Over October campaign.


Students from St George and St Teresa Primary School in Bentley Heath are pictured.

With their wands at the ready, these primary school students are raring to go! Will they be able to successfully complete their journey to Beauxbatons Academy? (Credit: Marcus Mingins)


The 1,298-mile journey will start from the primary school in Bentley Heath before moving up north to Hogwarts in Scotland and finally arriving at Beauxbatons Academy of Magic in the Pyrenees, France. Students raise funds by encouraging family members and friends to sponsor the distance that they pledge to walk, run, cycle, or scoot. At the event’s conclusion, every student who participates in the challenge will receive a special Harry Potter congratulatory certificate. Additionally, the student who tops the charts in terms of the highest amount raised and most miles traveled per cohort will receive an exclusive prize.

Last week, cochair of St George and St Teresa Catholic Primary School’s PTA Tina Riley was brimming with excitement over the children’s enthusiastic participation in the virtual challenge:

The children have really got behind it and have already completed more than 250 miles in one week and raised over £800 to date. Birmingham Runner has also donated some sporting goodies as prizes for the children.

Since then, donations have been pouring in, and the school has already reached its original target of 1,298 miles. Even after they raised the goal to £2,000, the children smashed it in no time. At the time of writing, the fundraising movement has not shown any signs of slowing down, with the amount raised standing at a whopping £2,468. Many supportive parents left encouraging messages for their children too, expressing their pride in their children’s determination.

St George and St Teresa Catholic Primary School’s Get Active Over October campaign isn’t the only movement that has recently tapped into a Harry Potter theme for its fundraising efforts. In September, the Potterhead Running Club kickstarted its Time Turner 2020 virtual runs, and more recently, the Harry Potter Alliance launched its annual 10K virtual run with a pandemic twist.

If you’d like to help these Bentley Heath students, consider making a small donation to their JustGiving page today! Who knows? They might even raise enough money to “traverse” across Asia to Mahoutokoro in Japan! What are your thoughts on this virtual challenge?


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