USQ Explores Changing the Name of Muggle Quidditch

US Quidditch (USQ) has decided to refocus and restructure the organization. This fall, USQ discussed challenges that teams had to face in the 2019–2020 season due to the COVID-19 pandemic and how it relates to programs and services that USQ offers.

Some of the trends we’ve noticed were a problem before the pandemic and have only been made worse in recent months. To adapt to these challenges and better serve members, USQ is pushing forth a few major initiatives over the next several months that will refocus our programs and services. We are also creating more volunteer opportunities with leadership responsibilities.


An infographic displaying USQ’s initiatives for refocusing and restructuring the organization is shown.


The first initiative is about the USQ brand. The staff of USQ is working to reassess its branding, including its logo, typography, and colors, in addition to the name of the sport. The conversations about changing the name of the sport are not new, because renaming it would solve problems with copyright. The current goal is to get feedback from the quidditch community, especially from players, on if USQ should change the name “Muggle quidditch” and all other Harry Potter-related names. There will be surveys and focus groups about it and more information in the new year.

USQ changed its mission statement after approval from the board of directors on December 13.

US Quidditch is the national governing body for the sport of quidditch. USQ advances the sport by organizing events and programs that build community and empower adult and youth athletes of all identities, including all races and genders, to compete together.

The changes are in “adult and youth athletes of all identities, including all races and genders.” Race was added following BIPOC town halls held this past summer, where it was expressed that gender inclusivity had been prioritized over racial inclusivity. Youth were included because it will make it easier to find funding for youth programs.

Not only might the team structure within USQ staff change, but the volunteer staff system has also changed. USQ created new positions for volunteer team leaders over the summer. The team leaders were selected internally by members of their respective teams, and each team leader then became the contact between the team and supervising employees. New team leader positions were created for the snitch team; youth team; diversity, equity, and inclusion team; USNT team; gameplay team; rules team; and referee team. These positions are already filled.



USQ has also recruited more volunteers. Before recruiting, the staff had over 60 volunteers; after recruiting, more than 40 new people have joined the league staff.

Regarding team structure changes, Strategic Planning Manager Megan Anderson made a detailed plan for changes about what teams they currently have, what teams they can add or shift, and what projects each team will be focused on. Volunteer staff members are currently reviewing this proposal, and changes will be announced in the new year.


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Veronika Kohoutová

I played Muggle Quidditch for the Prague Pegasus and on our national team in the European Games 2019.