A “Harry Potter” Birthday Bedroom Makeover from Mother to Daughter

Olivia Richardson received an incredible bedroom makeover for her ninth birthday. She joins an ever-growing list of Potter fans to receive a magical, personalized gift, including Becca from London, who gained a handmade Potter-themed Christmas present, and Emrie from Kansas City, Missouri, whose aunt searched for a spellbinding gift so that Emrie could experience Harry Potter for herself.

Both Olivia and her mom, Sarah, are huge Harry Potter fans, and Olivia’s dad, Mike, was roped in to help redecorate the room in their family home in Wales. Together, they brewed up a storm, creating a feature wall from a wallpaper covered in front pages of the Daily Prophet, and were able to find space to showcase all of Olivia’s Harry Potter knickknacks. From a wizard chess set to a bottle of Skele-Gro, the room is overflowing with magical delights.


Olivia's "Harry Potter" collection is showcased with displays covering all surfaces.

Credit: Sarah Richardson/latestdeals.co.uk


Olivia has been collecting merchandise for a while, with her Funko Mystery Minis collection alone taking “a couple of years” to gather, according to her mom. Her accumulation of Potter-themed treasure has been assembled through Christmas presents and birthday gifts, although some were bought “with her own pocket money.” Even the door to Olivia’s new room has been decorated to fit the theme; the Fat Lady now guards the entrance.


Olivia's Funko Mystery Mini collection, now displayed in her bedroom.

Credit: Sarah Richardson/latestdeals.co.uk


Sarah and Olivia have both been on the lookout for merchandise, finding a lot of their collection at Primark. Other items were “a great find,” such as a Skele-Gro bottle from TK Maxx and a mandrake plant from IKEA. A few items in the room, however, are more personal. With posters and photos from the family’s trip to Warner Bros. Studio Tour London – The Making of Harry Potter, the room holds sentimental value to Olivia, Sarah, and Mike.

One section of the room that is sure to capture every Harry Potter fan’s imagination is the reading nook underneath the bunk bed. Instead of a lower bunk, this room is fitted with a cupboard under the stairs. It is brimming with comfy cushions and fairy lights, all set for a cozy night in reading about our favorite wizard.


Olivia's Cupboard Under the Stairs, set aside as a reading nook for her to enjoy.

Credit: Sarah Richardson/latestdeals.co.uk


This entire room was created for less than £200, a price tag that is sure to capture the imagination of every Potter fan worldwide. Do you have a Potter-themed room in your house, or are you hoping to create one sometime in the future?


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