CC #439: Week of January 24, 2021

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“Nice big smile, Harry. Together you and I are worth the front page.”

Dumbledore: “Take my arm, Harry.”
Harry: “Are we going to Apparate, sir?”
Dumbledore: “No, actually I just want you to feel my biceps. I’ve been working out.”

Michael: “Dan, that was phenomenal acting. See? Feel my arm.”
Dan: “Why?”
Michael: “Goosebumps”
—Katie G.

Dumbledore: “I’m sorry for ruining your plans with that waitress.”
Harry: “It’s okay, sir. She was non-canon.”

Michael Gambon: “Dan, have you ever rubbed a balloon on your head? It’s incredible. Look at my hair.”


Harry was shocked at how brazen the paparazzi were getting.

Dumbledore: “Just a moment, Harry. I’ve got to finish filming this advertisement. (He turns toward the camera.) Because you’re worth it!”

David Heyman: (behind camera) “Why do we have all these blinding lights turned on? We all know the movie is going to end up edited so darkly people will have to squint.”
David Yates: “I just like to see Michael’s hair under the moonlight.”

Dumbledore: “And when we arrive, I’ll introduce you as my boyfriend.”
Harry: “Sir, do we really have to go through all this trouble to make Grindelwald jealous?”

Dan: “I’m not sure this is what Harry would do in this scene.”
David Yates: “Hey, do I tell you how to do your job?”
Dan: “Um, yes, actually, you do.”

Harry inadvertently initiated the Flying Hair spell, much to Dumbledore’s surprise.
—Friend of Fawkes






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